How Liberia’s debt surged to US$2.03 billion

By S. Karweaye Liberia’s public debt has been on the rise. The country’s public debt stock – what the government owes in total – was about US$2.03 billion at the end of December 2022. Of the US$2.03 billion, domestic debt constituted about US$896.68 million (44.15%) while the external component of the total debt stock constituted […]

Swedish Migration Agency to set up ‘return centers’

The Swedish Government has tasked the Swedish Migration Agency with setting up return centers to house rejected asylum seekers. In these centers, the agency will actively work to motivate the people there to return voluntarily, and will provide advice, guidance and practical support. “Increasing the number of returns is a very important priority for the […]

Benin paves way for Artificial Intelligence

For the second year running, the Digital Entrepreneurship and Artificial Intelligence Trade Show (known as SENIA in French) took place in Cotonou on May 12 and 13. Attracting almost 1,000 participants, the event reflects Benin’s drive to become a major player in artificial intelligence (AI) in West Africa. The debates and meetings aim at sparking […]