Open Liberia says President Weah permits corruption

Open Liberia, a pro-democracy group, says Liberian President George Weah is glaringly sanctioning corruption with the placement of US$13m in the 2018/2019 fiscal budget as well as an additional US$26m in projection for the next two fiscal years for the same project.   Open Liberia says it is utterly shocked and bereft that the president, […]

Tanzania: Seminar on drug and migration crime

A seminar on drugs and maritime crime off the East African coast will be held on July 2 in Dar es Salaam. Tanzania. East Africa plays an increasing role in the global illicit drug trade, particularly as a corridor for the trafficking of heroin and cocaine. This three-part seminar will explore different dimensions of this […]

EU leaders meet in Brussels on migration

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and 15 other heads of state and government of the European Union met Sunday in Brussels, Belgium in a special meeting on migration called by Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission.  The purpose of the summit held in Brussels, Belgium, was to discuss migration issues. “It was good to […]

African tourism ministers stress importance of stats

“Tourism Statistics: A Catalyst for Development”, was the theme of this year’s seminar in the context of the 61st Meeting of the UNWTO Commission for Africa in Abuja, Nigeria earlier this month (4-6 June).  The meeting included a ministerial dialogue on the importance of tourism statistics under the topic “Better measure, better manage”. The Commission […]

Swedish NGO runs education projects in Liberia

Education is the foundation for stability, economic development and good health for any nation, says Peter Henning, a founder and board member of a Sweden-based non-governmental organization which runs education projects in Liberia. Speaking recently to Nordic Africa News, Mr. Henning said the Swedish Education Fund for Liberia (SEFL) believes that though it is a […]

Reflections from Stockholm forum on gender equality

The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality was held on 15–17 April 2018 and gathered more than 700 participants from over 100 countries and a multitude of sectors and functions. The discussions covered a broad range of areas and focused on concrete methods and tools to enhance gender equality and the full enjoyment of rights, representation […]

UK: Liberian businesswoman gets international award

Local Liberian business entrepreneurship has taken off in recent years. In an economy previously dominated by foreign businesses, local Liberians can now be seen engaging in small business initiatives from peddling small goods on street corners to restaurants and entertainment centers.   The new Liberian renaissance of taking their destiny into their own hands through turnover […]

Norway names 10 African development partners

Ten African countries are among the 16 chosen by Norway as development partners, according to a white paper released recently by the Norwegian government. Norway divides its development partnership into two categories.  Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Ghana and Mali are placed in the first category for long-term development cooperation. Non African nations in the group […]

Police chiefs join forces to fight organized crime

A groundbreaking agreement was adopted by the police chiefs of Central and West Africa in Kintélé, Brazzaville, on 14 June, boosting efforts to fight transnational threats across these regions. In the first agreement of its kind in Africa, the Central African Police Chiefs Committee (CAPCCO) and West African Police Chiefs Committee (WAPCCO) including Mauritania, signed […]

Six nations compete in Rugby Africa Gold Cup

The 2018 Rugby Africa Gold Cup, which doubles as a Rugby World Cup 2019 qualification tournament, began on Saturday as the top six teams in Africa, aside from South Africa, battle it out for a place at the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan. The Rugby Africa Gold Cup will be played in a round-robin […]