Liberia: a place where platitudes and hypocrisy take precedence over noble goals

While neighboring sub-regional ECOWAS countries continue to focus on building strong human labor force and at the same time work toward catching up with latest modern technologies for the benefit of their respective countries and peoples, in war-ravage Liberia, conversely, officials and ordinary people have in recent years devoted much time to setting one group […]

French-African forum for shared growth held

Liberia’s Commerce and Industry Minister Axel Addy, accompanied by the country’s Ambassador to France, Dr. C. William Allen, on Friday, February 6, attended the French-African Forum for Shared Growth hosted by the French Government in Paris. The forum, attended by heads of states of France, Senegal, Gabon, and Ivory Coast, brought together  trade ministers from over […]

Elections postponement: a threat to democracy

Fellow Nigerians and democrats, The Independent National electoral commission (INEC) has officially announced  the postponement of the much anticipated February 14 and 28 general elections to March 28 and April 11 respectively. Our hearts bleed because our democracy is being threatened by the same individuals that benefited from it. Obviously, we believe INEC chairman Prof. […]

AUCF donates to Liberian kids who survived Ebola

The Liberian chapter of African United For Children’s Future (AUCF) last Sunday provided some relief to over 50 Liberian children who survived the deadly ebola virus but most of whom lost their parents to the disease in the Banjor community, just outside the capital, Monrovia. AUCF distributed several assorted food and nonfood items to children. The items distributed included […]

Nigeria’s north hopeful after elections delay

Nigerian civil society is in uproar over the pressure exerted by the military on the country’s election body to postpone scheduled voting by six weeks. But in the northeast, the heartland of the Boko Haram insurgency the security forces say they need more time to crush, there is support for a delay. Chairman of the […]

Urey: I owe no one an apology

Former Liberian Maritime Bureau Commissioner Benoni W. Urey says he owes nobody an apology for working for the defunct government of President Charles G. Taylor. Speaking recently to a cross section of the United States-based Friends of Benoni Urey (FOBU), during a teleconference, Mr. Urey noted that he did not work for Mr. Taylor, as is being […]

Gbowee Foundation puts women empowerment first

The executive director of the Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) says building the capacity of women and girls in Liberia is a majority priority for the foundation. In this vein, Mrs Willliametta Saydee-Tarr said, the foundation has given out a grant of over US$20,000 to several women’s groups.  “As you know we have worked with several […]

Will Demands to postpone elections be heeded

As the Nigerian presidential election is less than two weeks away, matters come to a head. Calls for a postponement of the election was written off as dubious months ago but have now intensified again as the outcome of the election gets ever more unpredictable. In September last year, there were some voices connected to […]

Ebola: Liberians in Holland donate medical items

  Dearest fellow peace loving Liberians, As you are all  aware, the interim leadership of LAH ( Liberian Association in Holland) in collaboration with Liberian in Action NL in person of Belloh Comfort Williams,  made a trip to Liberia on Dec. 23, 2014,  in other  to facilitate the distribution of the two contianers full of medical items to […]

Sex crimes rise in Ebola-hit Sierra Leone

Reports that rates of sexual assault and teenage pregnancy have soared in Sierra Leone since the start of the Ebola outbreak have prompted the government to plan a raft of measures to protect girls and the UN to investigate the scale of the increase. The outbreak has disrupted many facets of life in Sierra Leone, […]