Ebola: Relief shipment from Liberians in Germany


On February 13, 2015, Liberians in Germany and their friends, organized under the umbrella of the Liberian-German Association (ROOTS) e.V. completed the European phase of a relief project that they initiated late last year. This project is our quota in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus ravaging our homeland – Liberia.

The project brought together a healthy sum that enabled ROOTS e.V. to purchase diverse medical goods, at a total value of approx. 31,000 USD. The consignment was loaded into a 20-foot container to be shipped to Liberia in the coming days.

On arrival in Liberia, the consignment will be received and distributed by our official local liaison, the NGO, Developement Education Network – Liberia (DEN-L).


The shipment includes, among others, high risk protective garments, OP room gears, scrub suits, gauntlet and surgical gloves, thermoflash digital thermometers, blood pressure measurement equipments, lab testing utensils, handwash and sanitizers, surgical gowns, gallons of ultrasound gel, blood transfusion bags, shoes covers, etc.

The shipment also includes 18 state-of-the-art Sony digital recorders for 18 local FM Radio stations that are spread around the country. The recorders are intended to provide the stations with vital production instruments for their (Ebola)awareness programing.

While we continue to pray for our country and people, we in Germany are resolved to continue seeking and providing some tangible material assistance that we in the diaspora can easily acquire, if we are willing to invest time and energy. We hope that the Ebola virus will sooner than later become a footnote in our rich national history.

Issued for ROOTS e.V. by:

John O. Kwennah
[ROOTS e.V. vice president  & Ebola Project coordinator]