Eritrean, Ethiopian women discuss empowerment

Photo: Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Austria

Ethiopians and Eritreans alike are celebrating the breakneck speed of a rapprochement between Addis Ababa and Asmara, two longtime enemies. Closer ties between the two will usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the Horn of Africa.

A hundred guests followed an invitation by Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Austria in cooperation with the United Nations Correspondents Association Vienna (UNAV) and the Horn of Africa Peace Initiative on September 14 in Vienna, Austria to participate in the Horn of Africa Women‘s Forum – Women Empowerment and Development.

Speakers included Yohanna P. Teklu from London, Secretary of Eritrean Women‘s Association in the United Kingdom; Mahta Tewolde from London, Eritrean Youth Association in the United Kingdom; Etenesh Hadis from Ethiopia, who serves as Chair of the African Women‘s organization in Vienna and Hadiel Osman from Sudan who lives in Vienna. Elisabeth Cook, vice president of UPF Austria served as the moderator of the discussions.

Photo: Universal Peace Federation

On the 15th of September a celebration of peace in the Horn of Africa with dance and music, words of inspiration and a buffet with traditional food from the region was organized.

Mr. Yeared Tesfay from Eritrea Embassy Media in London, who served as the MC for the evening said “The new era of peace and cooperation between the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia will have historical benefit to the region and expressed readiness to make up years of lost opportunities of cooperation and partnership.

“It is notable and quite interesting that the ongoing peace initiatives between Eritrea and Ethiopia are largely being led and carried out by Eritreans and Ethiopians themselves. Of course, while the support and commitment of the international community and various other partners is vital, tangible solutions have to involve and be led by local actors.

“Simply, if you formulate your own solutions to your problems, you have every reason and incentive to see them work.”

UPF Austria