Facebook helps Swedish police to solve cases

Photo: Bing

Photo: Bing

Social media site Facebook has agreed to provide Swedish police with IP addresses and other data to help solve cases related to the site, news agency TT reports.

The deal was struck in December and means that the police gain direct access to information to identify the person behind a certain account, something that used to be a slow process.

The anonymity of the site has led to many cases getting dropped due to lack of evidence, but the police has already seen a positive turn in the number of solved cases since they started the collaboration last year.

“I think this will result in a dramatic increase of solved cases. We’re already seeing a positive effect from the deal,” says Anders Ahlqvist, cyber crime expert, to newspaper Sydsvenskan.

The most common cases where the police relies on evidence from the site involves fraud or sexual abuse.

Source: Radio Sweden International