Group wants $25m stimulus spread to all districts

Liberian President Weah delivers an address on the state of the country’s economy
Photo: Executive Mansion

While applauding President George M. Weah for announcing the infusion of $25m into the Liberian economy in recognition of the dreaded economic pains majority of the population is feeling, the Emancipation Movement of Liberia (EMOL) is calling for the money to be infused through Administrative District Economic Initiatives and Sustenance Projects (ADEISP) that will include all the 134 administrative districts.

This will make the economic stimulus impactful throughout the country, mark a new beginning in Liberia and will truly reflect the government’s pro-poor agenda, EMOL said in a release.

EMOL, headed by Jarwinken Wiah, is a non-governmental Advocacy and Peace building organization. It is a member of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) accredited by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct civic education. EMOL is also a non-profit a 501 (C) (3) organization in the United States.

EMOL said it is encouraging President Weah and his government to accept and adapt ADEISP approach because of the long history of capital flight in Liberia resulting from the non-existence of a reliable decentralized economic infrastructure.

EMOL said because of these reasons the Liberian people do not trust the business community and political leaders to handle the US$25 million economic stimulus on behalf of the suffering majority.

Historically members of the so-called business community and their political allies always profited at the expense of the poor, the group noted.

EMOL said adapting ADEISP will truly benefit every part of Liberia and will create short and long-term employment opportunities when implemented properly with transparency and accountability, adding that this will also create economy boost nationwide and mitigate the problem of capital flight as the money will be spent locally in the districts.

Every district must be required to submit ADEISP that will demonstrate measurable impact on the district with timeline, the organization advised.

It also recommended that President Weah to appoint independent ADEISP czar directly accountable to him to administer the project.

EMOL said each district ADEISP should recruit and train its own volunteers and that stipends should be provided to the volunteers. Some volunteers will clean cities and beaches.