Liberia: Lawyer sues Brussels Airlines for $1m damage

A Liberian lawyer has filed a US$1m lawsuit against Belgian-carrier Brussels Airlines for action of damage. 
Cllr. Moiffie Kanneh filed an eight-count suit at the Civil Law Court in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, recently alleging that the airline failed to find his missing luggage.
The suit against the airline is in the amount of US$12,010.00 as specific damage and US$1,000,000 as general damage for serious embarrassment.
Cllr. Kanneh, who works for the United Nations Mission in Liberia, says that on July 18, 2015 he purchased a round trip ticket from the airline to travel to the United States of America, and back to Liberia, on his annual vacation to meet with his family, friends and others relatives.

The lawyer claims that upon his return at the Roberts International Airport in Liberia on Flight Number 1241 on the 4th of August  2015 he was told that one of his luggages containing several items could not be found.

He states that the management of the airline told him that his luggage may have been placed on another fight and that it would take few days to check with other connections in order to see how his luggage can be identified and returned to him.

After several calls with the management he was told to fill out a Baggage Inventory Form and make a full listing of the items in the missing luggage.

Cllr. Kanneh notes that he was then advised to do a formal complaint to the airline’s customer relations department and that he sent several reminder letters to the management but received no positive response, being told by the management that they will look into the matter.

He notes that the delay in action by the airline forced him to issue the lawsuit at the Civil Law Court for liable.


Peter N. Toby