Liberia, UK sign maritime agreement

Admiral Lowe and Dr. Kollie (right) shake hands after signing the agreement

The Liberia Maritime Authority (LMA) and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) have signed an agreement that, among others, strengthens Liberia’s role as a leading and competitive maritime nation.

The Agreement for Cooperation was finalised by the two institutions on the margins of the recent 121st session of the World Maritime Organization (WMO) in London.

The agreement will boast distribution and production of nautical charts for international shipping.

Under the agreement, Liberia will supply maritime and marine data while the UKHO produces charts, sailing direction and other services in real time. Principally, such data include notices to mariners, details of navigational aids, routeing schemes impacting port and harbour regulations.

The UKHO will also provide to Liberia, when required, technological developments in the fields related to participants’ work, including hydrograhpic and information technology.

The UKFO will supply to Liberia at no cost digital and paper based copies of charts and other nautical publication listed.

The Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Dr. James F. Kollie, who signed on behalf of Liberia, said the agreement further highlights key reforms Liberia continues to advance at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

He noted that such crucial cooperation affirms the deepening bilateral engagement between Liberia and the United Kingdom.

The UKHO will pay royalties to Liberia for use of data provided in keeping with the terms agreed, excluding usage of tidal publication, sailing directions along with radio signals.

Royal Admiral Tim Lowe, National Hydrographer, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, signed on the behalf of the UKHO expressing delight on the terms and conditions of the agreement and the enormous benefits to both countries.

Meanwhile, Liberia’s proposal for IMO Council reform relative to the expansion of the Membership of Council and increase in the duration of the tenure of the Council was unanimously endorsed by the Working Group at the121st Council session.

It can be recalled that it was the 1993 amendment that moved the Council Membership to 40 from 32.

Members of the Liberian Delegation attending the 121st Council Session of the IMO include, Dr. James F. Kollie, Commissioner/ Head of delegation, Isaac Jackson, Jr. Permanent Representative to the IMO, Harry Conway, Alternate Permanent Representative, as well as Grace Vaye-Nuhn, Theophilus Gardiner and Assistant Minister Sylvester Pewee.


Albert Jaja