Liberians appeal for a consulate in Scandinavia

Francis Mensah heads the group of concerned Liberians

Francis Mensah heads the group of concerned Liberians

Hundreds of Liberians residing in the Scandinavian region of Europe have appealed to the Liberian government to open a Central Consulate Office in the region to help ease travel and other difficulties for hundreds of Liberians and foreigners who want to travel to Liberia. 

The concerned Liberians, under the banner of the Consortium of Concerned Group of Liberians in Western Europe, in a release recently said they are consistently faced with the difficulties of passports renewal and obtaining of visas to travel back home due to the risks of sending their travel documents by mail to Germany or incurring additional travel and hotel costs by making the journey to Germany to avoid the risk of loosing their passports through the mailing system, thus making them vulnerable to loosing their residency and other statuses. 

The group, headed by Francis Mensah, who is also president of the Liberia Swedish Association, said there are over 5,000 natural born Liberians and their offsprings residing in the four Scandinavian countries, majority of which were resettled by the United Nations from 2000 –2005.

They noted that they do understand the economic burden faced by the government of Liberia and that that is why they are only asking for a Consulate Office for now, instead of a full mission to help facilitate and expedite the travel needs and mitigate the constant hassles of passports renewal and obtaining travel documents.

The group, made up of Liberians residing in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, appealed to the government to fulfill its promise to them to open a Consulate Office in the region before the end of its mandate.

They appealed to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to listen to their appeal as a lot of them have businesses and homes in Liberia and make regular visits to the country.

The group praised President Sirleaf for the level of development that she has initiated during the past years and hoped that others will use those lofty examples to continue with the development trajectory.

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