Liberians discuss relevant issues in Sweden

LSA President Francis Mensah

LSA President Francis Mensah

A meeting of the executives of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) was held on September 27, via Skype.

This was the first meeting of the association since the independence day celebration held in August (instead of July 26), President Francis Mensah told the gathering

However, he noted that the leadership has been working endlessly in the interest of the association. Mr. Mensah said the LSA has been collaborating with the Mano River Union ( MRU) in Sweden, a grouping of West Africans from the Mano River belt.

Heads of local chapters were then asked for a brief update of happenings in their areas. Abraham Sandy, president of the local chapter in Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest city, said that his local body was represented at the meeting in full to pledge absolute loyalty to the LSA.

He said the LSA is the mother association of all Liberian organizations in Sweden and as such, they, as Liberians, were pleased to be a part.

Mr. Sandy asked the LSA for guidance in leading his people and mentioned that the chapter has plans to register with local Swedish authorities but wanted a greelight from the national body.

In response, LSA President Mensah thanked Mr. Sandy and his officials and gave the LSA’s full support to the chapter.

He called upon other Liberian groups to see the Malmö chapter as a good example and encouraged others to follow in the spirit of oneness for the benefit of families and Liberia.

Also speaking, LSA advisor Barry Karmoh, who also coordinates the association’s activities in the north of Sweden, said Liberians in the north live far away but are always willing to work with the LSA in all of its undertakings.

Clarence Smith, an opinion leader of LSA Linkoping, told the meeting that Liberians living in Linköping had secured an assortment of hospital materials and are willing to turn them over to the association.

He said the materials could go a long way in helping to ease the risk associated with patients’ safety in Liberia.

Mr. Smith asked the LSA to move quickly in finding means by which these items can be shipped to Liberia. He said it would not be long before they start to encounter storage problems.

LSA President Mensah thanked Mr. Smith and Liberians in the Linköping community, noting that a collective effort will be required to have the items shipped to Liberia.

Discussing the decentralisation of LSA activities, Mr. Mensah expressed his wish to see local chapters hosting big events of the LSA.

He told the meeting that next year’s independence celebrations was already booked for the 30th of July but hoped that other local chapters will take interest in hosting the event and other programs in the nearest future.

LSA Malmö made it clear that they were already making plans to host the Flag Day (August 24) event next year and will update the LSA as times goes bye.
It was agreed that the next Skype conference be held on November 1, 2015 at which time projects to be undertaken in Liberia shall be identify.
In closing, President Mensah thanked all participants for their time and expressed dismay over the absence from the meeting of our brothers and sisters from Gothenburg. The president said invitations were sent out by way of emails, weeks before the meeting and as such, chapters that were unable to form a part of the meeting should have communicated their inability to be present. He hoped that leaders will be available to interact with their fellow Liberians in the future.
Barry E. Karmoh