Mwangi: Praise and worship is ‘language of heaven’

Mwangi believes God will work miracles on Saturday

Gospel singer Esther Mwangi says the ‘language of heaven’ will be spoken on Saturday during the Swedish African Gospel Music Concert in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city.

She told Nordic African News in an interview that praise and worship is that language.

Mwangi, who is the founder of Rumbling Water Sound International, noted that  she and other local and international singers who are slated to perform at the concert will together with the audience be praising and worshiping God.

Mwangi said the audience should come expecting to praise and worship God as doing so will be setting up the throne on which God can make all miracles.

The concert,  which runs from 6-8:30 pm at the House of Gospel, is organized by Swedish African Gospel Music and Peace Row. Entrance is free.

The show was first held last year, and according to Bmaster, who will be the master of ceremonies,  it will be held yearly and aims to be a platform on which African and other gospel singers can showcase their talents.

Other artists participating in the event are US-based Dee Jones, Ulf and Asa Nomark, Dupeola, Shola Victor-Sajowa, Teejaie and Samuel Matega.

The line-up also includes Mgbah Robinson, Shemiloore Irakoze, Izabella Sitonen, David Timothy and the dance group, Christiana and Jimmy.