Nigeria faces great risk, needs protection

The spate of killings, abductions, destruction of infrastructures and properties by a bunch of mindless, lunatic and blood thirsty insurgents are becoming unbearable in Nigeria.
The country is at grave risk and severe action is needed to protect and secure the hope of the land.
The security and welfare of Nigeria are a cardinal constitution of the C-in-C and the president of Nigeria, in which he has equivocally failed to discharge. Things cannot get better if administrative criminals and sponsors of terror are not brought to justice.
The former chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in a statement credited to him said Boko Haram is fighting for justice and another name for Boko Haram is justice and he was kept for two years as the chairman and is now the chairman of railway corporation. 
APC Scandinavia Coordinator Lawal

APC Scandinavia Coordinator Lawal

The former National Security Adviser, the late Azazi Owoye was fired after he made a submission that the internal working of the president`s political party were responsible for Boko-Haram terrorism and he later died in a mysterious circumstance in 2012.
The president himself said in April, 2012 that he knew the sponsors of the terror and that he would bring them to justice. It is two years later now and they are causing more havoc with impunity.
Frequent attacks, senseless abduction of more than 200 pupils, heavy bombings and death tolls of innocent people and our brave military men are rising on an almost daily basis.
We in the All Progessives Congress (APC) Scandinavia call on President Jonathan Goodluck to stop the auto-piloting of the country and walk the path of brave leaders now in order to save Nigeria from total destruction. And if he knows that he has no gut and grit to make such tough call, he should please resign for the sake of the country.
Ayoola Lawal
Coordinator, APC Scandinavia