Nigerian elections: Wind of change blows in 80 hours

Retired General Buhari of the APC is challenging the incumbent for the presidency

Retired General Buhari of the APC is challenging the incumbent for the presidency

In less than 80 hours, Nigerians will make a choice that will not only impact Nigeria but Africa and the world in general for the next four years and beyond.
It is a known fact that Nigerians in the diaspora are being disenfranchised by the constitution of Nigeria and that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)-led parliament has refused to amend the electoral act in order for us to exercise our civic right to vote irrespective of our location. However, we in the diaspora can still make a difference and be part of the change for the new Nigeria in the capacity of civil society and lobby groups.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) Scandinavia Chapter, hereby implores all Nigerians living in the Scandinavian countries and the diaspora in general to connect with their families, friends and loved ones who are presently in Nigeria and eligible to vote and urge them to go out to cast their vote for General Muhammad Buhari of the APC as the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is another chance at our beck and call to rescue Nigeria from sinking further and restore the nation to the path of prosperity and hope.


As immigrants living in Scandinavia, we have witnessed good governance, rule of law, quality housing, access to standard education, coordinated security systems, enabling environment for growth and development, reasonable opportunities for all, reliable power supply and transport system and much more.  

We are convinced that Nigerians can achieve and sustain the level of governance in the Scandinavia countries by voting General Muhammad Buhari on Saturday. 

We all know the situation of our beloved country, Nigeria. We have seen events unfold for the past 16 years of PDP leadership in Nigeria, impunity at the highest level has been exhibited and mediocrity has become the order of the day. Nigeria has become a failed state and a laughing stock amongst its peers and the continent in general.
It is our collective responsibility to rescue Nigeria from collapse. It is a call to duty that needs to be obeyed for this is our opportunity to rewrite history. Inform your loved ones to cast their vote for change. They should vote for the APC and protect  their votes by waiting till counting of votes ends and avoid violence by all means as we are committed towards a free and fair election devoid of violence and intimidation.
The time for a new Nigeria is now. We all deserve a better Nigeria and we would not settle for less!


All Progressives Congress (APC) Scandinavia