Sweden: Get off my neck

By Fokumlah Nchungong

My neck hurts. ”SWEDEN IS NOT A RACIST COUNTRY”, this innocently naive and ignorant statement, versed by a Swedish friend of mine had my goosebumps itching. A clear indication of an institutionalized silent transfer of white supremacy ideologies to innocent docile minds, who grow up absolutely oblivious and incognizant of this unconscious mind conditioning.

Everything is not what it seems to be my dear friend and I`ll really appreciate it if you stop kneeling on my mental neck. It hurts! But why would you proclaim such baloney with a convincing certainty when lucid reasoning offers staggering indications of such tendencies?

Sweden never had any long term colonies and their participation in slavery and/or presence at the Berlin conference during the partition of Africa was just figurative. Holy friend of mine-are you serious? I really don’t know where to start but let’s try to place some chronology here and if you don’t mind, let me first of all acknowledge.

The opportunities offered in Sweden to immigrants and people of color are immeasurable. Some people come from countries and societies where they will everlastingly pray and only dream of having such amenities, possibilities, and securities, which seems to be taken for granted here. It has been a safe haven, refuge, covert to millions of people from a different ethnocultural and religious background. The Swedish societal structure is quite transparent, democratic, and free- but do we have a problem? Some people might be kneeling on necks unconsciously.

Holy friend of mine- let’s not forget the fact that it was the renowned Swedish Biologist- Carl von Linnaeus working at the Swedish state institute of biology who actually developed the pseudoscience of race Biology, which was the cradle of white supremacy- with the Sami people being his experimental laboratory guinea pigs.

Sweden was one of the last countries in Europe to abolish slavery which was almost fourteen years after the UK. It is well known that the Swedish colony of Bathelemy facilitated the buying and selling of slaves from where the colonial economic wealth of Sweden was derived and built.

This might just be a long lost history without relevance but the generational impact has institutionalized racist tendencies which are sometimes being expressed unknowingly – if I try to avoid mentioning well established white supremacy organizations. It is not sarcastic in plain sight as compared to other countries but dehumanizing on an individualistic psychological stance. Individuals in minority groups often find themselves fighting for their lives before group ethnomethodology can try to regulate the societal understanding.

But if Sweden has been providing such amazing help and assistance to immigrants of color who come here in search of greener pastures, why can’t they just accept the hospitality and stay out of crime? People have the right to get scared of strangers. There are some neighborhoods In Sweden which has been totally hijacked by immigrants and people of color. Don’t you think we have the absolute right to first of all protect our integrity?

Holy friend of mine- we were together in a Bar in Globen watching the FIFA World Cup when Jimmy Durmaz made a minimal error during the football game against Germany. He was the ape that was to be castrated by the country. Why? He never played any other game during the World Cup. Why?

These neighborhoods you are talking about, were they not being allocated to them by administrators at the municipalities? Most of these immigrants come from or have gone through traumatic experiences that required immediate psychological assistance and rapid integration but it has never been the priority of the municipalities.

The media and press are being used by white supremacists to amplify and stigmatize the criminal behaviors of these minority groups. The immigration offices are kneeling on documents for sometimes more than four years before granting an approval of residency.

Even after acquiring the permit to live and work here, employers often kneel on the applications for job offers because the name on the CV was something like Fokumlah Nchungong. That is why Sweden has the most segregated labor market of people with foreign backgrounds in Europe by the OECD statistics. This is more than frustrating because even advocating on this subject matter lures anxiety.

Some years ago, I was studying a Master’s program at the university in Ostersund and some Swedish classmates of mine had to travel to Uganda for a research project on water management. On arrival, they were given police escorts, stewards, a lux hotel, and community care. The end results of their project work was a regular water pumping well- which was being acclaimed by singing school pupils, dancing women farmers, three slaughtered goats by village elders for entertainment(of which they jokingly said they didn’t eat the meat because they were vegans).

I did my own research at Vatten Fall in Uppsala. Zero treatment was offered! Why?Get off my neck! Holy friend of Mine.