Sweden: Ban on entry from UK and Denmark

The Swedish Government decided on Monday to severely restrict possibilities to travel from the United Kingdom and Denmark to Sweden.

The entry ban from the United Kingdom is due to the spread and mutation of COVID-19 that have been reported there.

The entry ban from Denmark is mainly to reduce the risk of congestion and the spread of the virus in shopping centers and restaurants in Skåne County.

“The reason for such strong measures is naturally that we must try to prevent further spread of COVID-19 and that more people in our society are falling ill,” says Mikael Damberg, Minister for Home Affairs.

An initial measure preventing flights from the United Kingdom will entered into force on Monday. An entry ban from the United Kingdom and Denmark will enter into force from midnight the same day and apply until 21 January 2021 or until further notice.

The ban primarily means that everyone travelling from the United Kingdom or Denmark, except for Swedish citizens, will be refused entry if they attempt to enter Sweden.

Regarding travel from the United Kingdom, exemptions will be made for people who live or work in Sweden.

Regarding travel from Denmark, exemptions will be made to make it easier for Bornholm and those who live there. In addition to this, people with imperative family reasons will also be exempted.

Exemptions will also be possible for people transporting goods or similar.

People from Denmark who work or live in Sweden may also be exempted.

Swedish citizens have an unconditional right to enter Sweden and accordingly will not be affected by the entry ban.

The aim of these measures is to prevent further spread of the virus and the potential spread of new strains to Sweden.

Swedish Government