Sweden’s campaign against sexual exploitation of kids

Photo:: Marie Lajlasdotter

Each testimony is valuable. Swedes traveling abroad on holiday and observing suspected sexual exploitation of children can turn to the Swedish police with tips. This is the message in the Resekurage campaign, which is now being re-launched, including information on Police’s major passports.

Every year hundreds of thousands of Swedes travel abroad. Resekurage is an ongoing information campaign to inform Swedish tourists about the existence of sexual exploitation of children. The police are dependent on public tips, which in the long run can lead to the perpetrators being brought to justice.

The campaign was launched for the first time in December 2014 and has since been activated several times.

The initiative is a collaboration between the Swedish Gender Equality Agency, National Method Support Against Prostitution and Human Trafficking (NMT), Sweden’s County Administrative Board, the Police, and the World Childhood Foundation and ECPAT Sweden.

By 2018, cooperation with the police has been expanded, where Resekurage will be presented on Sweden’s major passports.

The visitor will receive information and the opportunity to add his new passport in Resekurage passport case, reminiscent of the importance of reporting suspected sexual exploitation of children. Advertising will also be visible on airport buses, airports and Arlanda Express.

“Travel curriculum is a concrete example of how we – each – can take responsibility for children around the world and not just at home. We know that there are many Swedes traveling to countries where children are more vulnerable due to poverty or a legal system that does not work – then we have a duty not to forget our responsibility while on vacation, ” says Petra Tammert Seidefors, senior investigator at the Gender Equality Authority.