Sweden inaugurates top-notch research facility

Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven together with King Carl Gustaf on Tuesday inaugurated synchrotron light source MAX IV in Lund in the south of the country.
MAX IV is a sort of microscope for studying the make-up, qualities and functions of various materials by means of intense X-rays (synchrotron light). The light used has an energy and intensity that is greater than at any other similar facility in the world. 
The laboratory is currently the world’s most modern facility for synchrotron light. It is expected that 2 000 international researchers will come to MAX IV every year to conduct experiments in material and life sciences, which will benefit international research.

In the laboratory, you can study atoms and molecules that are only a few tenths of a nanometre in diameter, which will provide completely new knowledge of the make-up and functioning of our world. The facility is expected to be used as a powerful research tool in biology, chemistry, physics, medicine and more. This research can later be used to produce new medicines, new smart materials, etc.

“Research ventures such as MAX IV are very important for Sweden and for the Government’s ambition for Sweden to be one of the world’s foremost research countries and a leading knowledge nation. Looking ahead, Max IV will provide a unique top-class research environment that can attract international researchers and also benefit Swedish research and innovation,” says Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson.

Swedish Government