Sweden to promote market for green bonds

Mats Andersson chairs the inquiry

Mats Andersson chairs the inquiry

The Swedish Government has appointed an inquiry to identify ways to promote the market for green bonds. Mats Andersson, former CEO of the Fourth Swedish National Pension(AP) Fund, is Inquiry Chair.

“There is a great deal of demand for investments in green bonds. We want to look into how the market can be developed to facilitate investments that can build a sustainable world. We also want to ensure a high level of confidence in the market; growth must not take place at the expense of watered down environmental requirements,” says Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs Per Bolund.

The remit includes analysing and producing examples of project types that could be financed through green bonds, and proposing a structure for processes and criteria that identify green projects. The inquiry is to also analyse and present proposals on processes and routines for third party validation of green bonds, and present proposals on what information investors need to make well-founded investment decisions.

If the inquiry presents a proposal for a sovereign green bond, such a proposal must be compatible with the design of the Budget Act and efficient national debt management, and be cost-neutral.

“I am very pleased that Mats Andersson has accepted the role of Inquiry Chair. He has both a genuine interest in creating a sustainable financial market and long experience of capital management,” said Mr Bolund.

The inquiry is to present its report by 15 December 2017.

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