US report criticizes Liberian media

Press Union of Liberia President Abdullai Kamara

Press Union of Liberia President Abdullai Kamara

The U.S Department of State has criticized the Liberian media for compromising professional ethics in their coverage and reportage of events in the country.

In its 2014 Country Report on Human Rights in Liberia, the US State Department noted that newspaper publishers commonly accept fees to publish press releases or other favorable articles.

The report indicated that those wishing to suppress information also make payments to newspapers not to print stories on particular topics, adding that media houses rarely check the accuracy of paid-for articles.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has welcomed the U.S State Department’s latest report on the Liberian media.

In a release, PUL President Kamara A. Kamara welcomed the report and urged the media to use it to improve, describing it as a positive criticism.

He said the media has used the same report in the past to judge the government and others, and it was time for the media itself to see the report in good faith, now that it criticizes them.

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  1. Koilor Kimba says:

    It is difficult to report on human rights abuses, corruption cases and poor governance because they could be sued for libel which was seen in the case of Frontpage Africa’s chief editor. I am not actually denying the fact that Liberian journalists engage in unprofessional ethics but they also face life threatening situation.

    In supporting lasting democracy and press freedom in Liberia, the American government and other institutions need to assist the Liberian journalist financially and legally, and also through advanced training to help alleviate these situations. Actually newspapers buy stories or reportage are based on facts, but it is the other way around. This is an unfortunate situation and a dilemma for Liberia’s future. It means the newspaper landscape can be manipulated by Bigshots and wealthy ones.

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