Patsime uses arts to spread life-saving message

Pastime's director Jasen Mphepo pic.

Pastime’s director Jasen Mphepo

Patsime Trust is an organization based in Zimbabwe using the arts to educate Zimbabweans about issues of serious concern in their country. It uses theatre, films and radio to spread the message about the prevention of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, gender inequality, etc.

Patsime is a partner of Sweden’s Unga Ornar, an organization that works globally for the benefit of children and youths.

On Thursday October 8, Patsime’s director Jasen Mphepo, on a tour of Sweden (courtesy of Unga Ornar ) to speak about children of Zimbabwe, his group and its activities, spoke to an enthusiatic modest audience in the city of Borås. The Borås chapter of the Swedish Social Democrats Party was also part of the collaborative efforts that made the lecture possible.

Addressing the audience of Africans and non-Africans, Mphepo, who is also an actor, said Patsime has several programs running in Zimbabwe.

He talked about efforts to create en enabling environment to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in the southern African nation, noting that in this regard his organization relies on drama and other artistic means to educate the population.

He noted that Patsime runs programs in circa 120 schools about the prevention of HIV, teenage pregnancies, safe sex, among others.

Mphepo said the group also fights against gender inequality because  it is a major problem in Zimbabwe. “We also focus our attention to getting men and boys to eradicate gender violence,” he said.

Mphepo fielded questions from the audience and explained several points he  earlier touched. He spoke about projects in rural schools to help female students stay in school during their menstral periods, among others.

He said there was also a cultural exchange programs with Patsime’s Swedish donors.
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