South Africa’s xenophobic violence is barbaric

The founder of the Nordic-African Association, Mr. Ayoola Lawal says the killings and burning of foreigners in South Africa is beastly, barbaric and completely absymal. According Mr. Lawal, anti-foreigner statements credited to the  Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini and the son of Edward Zuma, the son of President Jacob Zuma, asking non-South Africans to return to their respectful countries […]

Press must not cover up for war crimes suspects 2

I think one of the major hurdles linked to investigative process of genocides in Africa (Liberia) is the fact that the entire process remains straddled in sheer ignorance, compounded by wild misconceptions. This doesn’t only rest with those who unfortunately, remain subject of abject poverty and high illiteracy, but also people who claim to be […]