Liberia and the Face of God: A Call for Soulful Revival

Liberia is still drenched in deep wounds of unforgiven hearts. Though the guns are silent since the end of the civil war, the reality of peace, personal security, and hope continue to elude Liberians as they foresee the challenges of rebuilding the country.  We have witnessed various levels of false accusations, coup d’ etats, assassinations, […]

Green Light International celebrates 5th year

Green Light International  will mark its 5th anniversary on January 29 in Gothenburg, Sweden.     Kelvin Banye, president of the organisation, said there will be a number of activities to mark the day: a seminar, mingle and party.   The organiser of  the annual Glios Cup, also known as African Cup Of Nations in Sweden, said that looking back,  it’s all seems […]

Eritrea: Company starts production of gold for sale

The Koka gold mining project, located within the Zara project area in Eritrea and operated by Zara Mining Share Company (ZMSC), have started commercial production of gold. ZMSC, a joint venture company established between China SFECO Group (60%) and the Eritrean National Mining Corporation ENAMCO (40%), have already sent its first gold pour to China worth […]