Sweden takes its seat on UN Security Council

Sweden’s non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council has begun. In January, Sweden will also hold the Security Council presidency. This comes at a time marked by many complex conflicts. Syria continues to be a nightmare. Tensions in our neighbourhood have increased. The EU and the UN, established in the post-war period to maintain peace, […]

Liberia elections 2017: “My vote is power”

The most important power one has as a voter is the power of his or her vote. It is the power you have as voters to hold all elected and appointed individuals in various positions of power, including the presidency accountable. This power is guaranteed under the Liberian Constitution. This is your undisputable power and […]

Exchanges should focus on smaller businesses

The African growth story is no longer a fairy tale. Over the past decade multinational companies, private equity funds and infrastructure development programmes have channeled capital to the continent as they began to realise the true potential it holds, but like most emerging market regions, Africa is no longer the ‘flavour of the month’; Nonkululeko […]

A critical look at Trump’s nominees

The announcement that Mr. Trump was considering Governor Nikki Haley for Secretary of State and Sen. Ted Cruz for Attorney General was the biggest joke of the century. These individuals mentioned above do not represent the alternative right ideology that President-elect Trump intends to pursue during his presidency. It would have been unprecedented for Trump […]

Liberia’s 2016/17 recurrent expenditures

Liberians heaved a sigh of relief in  May of  2016 when the newly appointed Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Boima S. Kamara  submitted the Draft National Budget for 2016/2017 of US$555.9 million, comprising of US$495.5 million for Core Domestic Revenue; US$30.2 million as Grant; and US$30.1 million as Contingent Domestic Revenue.; Seltue Karweaye […]

Can UN peacekeeping be fixed?

Lieutenant General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki is in disgrace. The Kenyan commander of the UN peacekeeping force in South Sudan was sacked this week by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon after a special investigation found there was a “chaotic and ineffective response” to protecting civilians during fighting between government and opposition soldiers in the capital, Juba, in July.  […]

Liberian women raise funds for Haiti

In early October, many countries were hit by Hurricane Matthew. Of the countries ravaged by the hurricane, Haiti recorded the highest number of deaths and loss to properties; Brenda Brewer Moore writes. Haiti is no stranger to disaster. In 2008, the country was rocked by an earthquake, and while still recovering from its devastating effects, […]

A look at Liberia’s new maternity law

I had a conversation recently with someone who is expecting her first child and she was curious as to what Liberian law allowed as it related to pregnancy leave; Brenda Brewer Moore writes. This had me thinking, that many people, both employees and employers, may not be aware of the changes in the law regarding maternity […]

Mills Jones speaks about who a leader should be

2017 is just around the corner and the fact that Nimba County is second only to Montserrado County in term of voting population is not lost on politicians aspiring for the Liberian presidency. So we are the ones everyone wants to talk to as the countdown begins towards the 2017 general election; Nvasekie Konneh writes. So, fresh […]

John T. Richardson: Only fools trust Pres. Sirleaf

One of Charles Taylor’s best known and most eloquent defenders is John T. Richardson, a Liberian architect, who continues to speak with the former Liberian President two to three times a week. Richardson, an American trained architect who launched his career in the 1970s, winning contracts from the African Development Bank, USAID, and the World […]