Transnational organized crime in Africa

The distinction between legitimate business and illicit activity is fluid in Africa due to the significant size of informal and unregulated trade on the continent. The rapid pace of globalization has allowed organized criminal groups to link up with international networks, expanding markets, access to new technologies, and improved methods of communication. According to the […]

Konneh speaks at Mandingo Agenda Conference

  Speech delivered by Richmond Mohamed Konneh at the 2017 All Liberian Mandingo Agenda Conference in Philadelphia, USA April 28, 2017   What are the problems affecting the Mandingos of Liberia? Are our grievances different from the concerns of the vast majority of Liberians? What exactly is a Mandingo agenda? What are the path to […]

Our role in Security Council is to prevent conflicts

We live in troubled times. The terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm just a few days ago will leave us with a permanent scar. The fight against extremism and terrorism must remain at the top of the international community’s agenda. The challenges of our times require international cooperation, and Sweden has an important role to […]

Opinion: Citizenship status in Liberia

In my opinion, we need to take a look at the laws granting a person citizenship status in Liberia.  It is obvious the current ones we have on the books for non-natural born and dual citizenships are working against the majority of ordinary Liberians in favor of people in positions of power and the business […]

The naked truth about 2017: an analysis

The dawn of 2017 signals a new beginning for many Liberians. In addition to the many New Year’s resolutions, it is the year in which Liberians are expected to go to the polls to elect a president along with 73 representatives for the next six years; Stephen Johnson writes. The process that has commenced with […]

African electorates: the Liberian way

The electorates are those who stand in the queues to make history happen; Baba Sillah writes. They are often charmed by lofty promises of positive change and are wont to easily trusting sometimes as the aphorism goes: ‘Not the ones who make the most sense but those who say the most platitudes or spend the […]

Opinion: African challenges to African development

  The parlous story of African economic and social development since independence best expressed in the failure to achieve the autonomous capacity for self-actuated development and in particular to create conditions of national and continental modern mass production and prosperity is well known and need not be repeated; Professor Ehiedu Iweriebor writes.    It is […]

Some key considerations in the new Gambia

It finally became clear on January 21, 2017, that Yahya Jammeh, the long-serving autocratic president of The Gambia would step down and leave the country. The road to this point was a twisty one; writes Niklas Hultin. Jammeh had lost the December 1, 2016, election to Adama Barrow (who represented a coalition of opposition parties). […]

Remembering the Holocaust

Hédi Fried, author and Auschwitz survivor, wrote: “Can anyone say when something begins? Grains of sand are added to grains of sand, and before you know it there is a pile of sand in front of you.” Today (January 27) is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, when we remember one of humanity’s greatest crimes against itself. But […]

Sweden’s security must be seen in a broader perspective

  The new security situation, the growing political power rivalries and the broader security policy developments place new demands on the State’s capacity to safeguard the security of Sweden’s inhabitants. They also place new demands on strategic thinking over longer periods, and a better understanding of security developments, around the world as well as in […]