Sweden elected to UN Security Council

On Tuesday Sweden was convincingly elected to the United Nations Security Council. Six months ago we were considered to be out of the running. Today we have a seat on the Security Council. This is a great victory for Swedish foreign policy and Swedish diplomacy. For a government that stands for solidarity and cooperation, a […]

Kompass: Why I resigned from the UN

By the time I reported the sexual abuse of children by peacekeepers in Central African Republic in 2014, I had worked for the UN for nearly 20 years; writes Anders Kompass There is no hierarchy in the horror and brutality I witnessed during those two decades – massacres, torture, killings, the displacement of populations – but an […]

First Generation to eradicate poverty

The last decades hundreds of millions of people have left extreme poverty. Today more than 90 percent of all children are enrolled in school, even in developing countries. Thanks to digitalization we are more closely interconnected with each other than ever before. Knowledge and ideas flow throughout the world and transcend all previous boundaries. At […]

Eritreans plan mass demonstration in Geneva next week

Eritreans and friends of Eritrea in Europe and the rest of the globe will hold a mass rally in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday, June 21, 2016, to protest against the latest sickening report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea, a three-man panel that has never set foot in the country and […]

How laws are made in Sweden

Each year, the Swedish Government lays some 200 legislative proposals, normally in the form of a government bill, before the Riksdag (Swedish parliament). Some bills contain proposals for new legislation, requiring extensive deliberation and debate before a vote can be taken, while others consist of proposals for policy guidelines or major or minor amendments to […]

Eritrea: promoting development, food security

In 1994, Eritrea released the Macro Policy Paper (MPP), articulating a broad national development policy with a special focus on agriculture. Specific points raised in the document include: the need to create of a modern, technologically advanced and competitive agricultural sector; the importance of producing high value agricultural commodities through the development of irrigation and […]

Ngafuan: How to lead wisely

Many individuals who have been moved by a particular speech or speeches I have delivered in the past have been privately requesting copies of the speech(es) for their own reading and enlightenment. I have therefore been graciously sharing my speeches, my poems, or some other intellectual property with scores of interested individuals upon request. But […]

Minister Regner on policy answers to refugee crisis

Our world is bleeding. We are faced with unprecedented humanitarian needs and levels of global forced displacement. Today, more than 59,5 million people are displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations – the highest number since the Second World War. UNHCR estimates that the average length of displacement […]

CDC diaspora backs Weah’s presidential bid

The National Executive Committee of the Diaspora Branches of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) came together and agreed on a resolution to unflinchingly support the People-Powered-Petition to our Political Leader Senator George Manneh Weah, Sr., to vie for the highest office of the land and thereby be elected to head a CDC-led Government come […]

Call to probe Senator Coleman is laughable

The call by Senator George M. Weah, the political leader of Liberian opposition party, the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), for the party’s Grievance and Ethics Committee to probe Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter S. Coleman for “conflict of interest” as it relates to “professional services” rendered by Dr. Coleman at the John F. Kennedy […]