A new era of opportunity

Seventy years ago, the United Nations was created from the ashes of the Second World War.  Seven decades later, in Paris, nations have united in the face of another threat – the threat to life as we know it due to a rapidly warming planet; Ban Ki-moon writes.  Governments have ushered in a new era […]

Swedish PM’s speech at Paris Climate conference

I am an industry man. I started my working life as a welder. I know first-hand that with the right foresight, industry can bring about change, massively and fast. In fact, the industrial revolution is what brought us here today. It gave us unprecedented wealth and growth. But it was also the starting point for […]

Sweden tightens screws on migration

In the worst refugee situation since the Second World War, Sweden has taken greater responsibility than any other country in the west. We are a small country that is making an enormous contribution and the Swedish people are showing great solidarity in a difficult time. We stand up for the international right of asylum. Since […]

Unmasking Mary Taryonnoh Broh

  A bolt from the blue: This best depicts Mary Taryonnoh Broh’s re-emergence into the national scene after she was named to head the so-called Presidential Task Force with a mandate to clean up the city of Monrovia. The name of Mary Broh is nothing new to the Liberian public, especially since that name is […]

Why invest in Africa?

Africanstates provides information on the investment opportunities in all 54 countries in Africa. It also provides advice on where an investor can procure assistance to invest in every country in Africa. Africa has risen. Carpe diem. Seize the day. The information contained in Africanstates is intended for the use by investors who may largely be unfamiliar with […]

Swedish Minister Kuhnke speaks to youth

I’m very glad to see that so many committed young people from all parts of Sweden and from a number of other countries such as Spain, Denmark and Turkey have gathered here in Stockholm for this important conference. The last few months have been extremely dramatic with tens of thousands of people fleeing from war […]

President Sirleaf and team must be commended

The signing of the US $ 257 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) grant is a big deal for Liberia. It reinforces two critical development pillars of the Sirleaf administration- roads and energy- as it seeks to address binding constraints to growth; writes Lawrence Randall. The compact negotiated between the two governments ( US and Liberia) will support […]

Is Zanzibar in trouble?

I took the family for a holiday on the paradise island Zanzibar. White sand, turquoise water and colorful marine life. Easy living. The last two days we left our resort and toured the island. It was a week after the Tanzanian and Zanzibari elections. Mindful that elections can be rough, and with previous research experiences […]

Liberia: Why Min. Nagbe’s 5-year plan is ripe

From where I sit in Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria, I marvel at how the country’s football authority has been able to keep active all its football teams in all the major continental and global competitions. At six (6) different levels, Nigeria’s various national football teams have been simultaneously competing at the highest levels […]

Popular resistance stopped Burkina Faso coup

Last week, Burkina Faso was breaking international news. In the midst of a government meeting, soldiers of the president’s security forces – the notorious Régiment de Sécurité Présidentielle (RSP) – took President Michel Kafando, Prime Minister Isaac Yacouba Zida and other members of the government in hostage and seized power under the command of General […]