French-African forum for shared growth held

Liberia’s Commerce and Industry Minister Axel Addy, accompanied by the country’s Ambassador to France, Dr. C. William Allen, on Friday, February 6, attended the French-African Forum for Shared Growth hosted by the French Government in Paris. The forum, attended by heads of states of France, Senegal, Gabon, and Ivory Coast, brought together  trade ministers from over […]

Elections postponement: a threat to democracy

Fellow Nigerians and democrats, The Independent National electoral commission (INEC) has officially announced  the postponement of the much anticipated February 14 and 28 general elections to March 28 and April 11 respectively. Our hearts bleed because our democracy is being threatened by the same individuals that benefited from it. Obviously, we believe INEC chairman Prof. […]

Nigeria’s north hopeful after elections delay

Nigerian civil society is in uproar over the pressure exerted by the military on the country’s election body to postpone scheduled voting by six weeks. But in the northeast, the heartland of the Boko Haram insurgency the security forces say they need more time to crush, there is support for a delay. Chairman of the […]

Urey: I owe no one an apology

Former Liberian Maritime Bureau Commissioner Benoni W. Urey says he owes nobody an apology for working for the defunct government of President Charles G. Taylor. Speaking recently to a cross section of the United States-based Friends of Benoni Urey (FOBU), during a teleconference, Mr. Urey noted that he did not work for Mr. Taylor, as is being […]

Will Demands to postpone elections be heeded

As the Nigerian presidential election is less than two weeks away, matters come to a head. Calls for a postponement of the election was written off as dubious months ago but have now intensified again as the outcome of the election gets ever more unpredictable. In September last year, there were some voices connected to […]

Making UN peacekeeping more effective

The UN’s peacekeeping operations are facing many challenges. Demand for UN missions is increasing. At the same time, the resources available are limited and must be managed prudently. The nature of international conflict has changed over the past 25 years. Interstate armed conflicts have been largely replaced by intrastate conflicts, often in countries with weak […]

Liberia takes measures to revitalize Ebola-hit sectors

Liberia has put into place key short-term recovery measures to revitalize sectors that have been affected by the Ebola epidemic.    Making the disclosure at a press briefing in Monrovia, the capital, on Thursday, Finance Minister Amara Konneh said the recovery measures are in both short-term interventions and non-health recovery.   Konneh said that the intervention and recovery measures […]

Ebola: Liberia delays reopening of schools

Liberia said on Friday it would delay reopening schools for two weeks in order to better prepare safety measures against the Ebola virus, which has killed more than 3,650 people in the country but now appears to be receding.  Liberian schools, shut since August due to the outbreak, had initially been scheduled to reopen on […]

Nigeria: Change is not a privilege, it is a right

As the Nigerian general elections approach, there are a few pertinent questions we need to ask ourselves as this forms the basis for any type of change we are clamouring for. Where did we get it wrong, how did it get this bad and what would be our fate after February 2015? The good news […]

Vote Buhari for a better Nigeria

Nigerians at home and abroad have heard time and time again from President Ebele Goodluck Jonathan that the main reason to vote him again for President of Nigeria is to ensure the continuity of his programs. President Jonathan even accused Nigerians in the diaspora for unfair criticisms of his admininstration. We in the All Progressives Congress APC) Scandinavia, […]