Why I support Marshall Dennis to become Grand Gedeh Senator

Mr. Dennis is the man of the people

Mr. Dennis is the man of the people

Unity Party refused to send a candidate in Grand Gedeh County even though Unity Party won the senatorial seat in 2011 in Grand Gedeh.  A. Marshall Dennis has shown to be the Thomas Sankara model of politics in Grand Gedeh: serve your people and do for your people what government cannot do.

Mr. Dennis of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) was born in Tiahn Town, Gbarzon Statutory District, Grand Gedeh County the biggest district in the county. Mr. Dennis is someone you will enjoy being around, he’s a soft spoken and warm in his demeanour.

He is considered the Father of Grand Gedeans in Montserrado County, on a daily basis you will find students who are seeking scholarships at his house, you will fine market women who need microloans to foster their business at his house. He will do his best to meet everyone’s needs. He is a benevolent and natural humanitarian who has made significant strides aimed at improving the livelihood of so many people in Grand Gedeh and Montserrado Counties, including both young and the elderly.

Things Isaac Nyenabo failed to do as a representative of the people was accomplished by Marshall Dennis. Unemployment among the youths of Grand Gedeh in Montserrado County is high. During Mr Dennis’ tenure at the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the National Port Authority (NPA), the loved humanitarian helped with the employment of over 200 Grand Gedeans in various capacities. Today those that he helped are the ones financing and mobilizing his campaign, what a beautiful way to say thank you.

Mr. Dennis and a group of supporters at a fundrasing event

Mr. Dennis and a group of supporters at a fundrasing event

In Grand Gedeh, he is affectionately considered as a community service man of the people, who has also contributed immensely to community empowerment and development by personally constructing local bridges and improved road condition in isolated areas in the county. He has also built clinics in communities where developments have not reached; he also renovated schools that were abandoned by government.

Grand Gedeh County historical facts that favours the humanitarian Marshall Dennis:

2011 Senatorial election Marshall Dennis came second with 28% of the total votes in Grand Gedeh and Gaye came first with 35% if total votes. Remember that Gaye came third in 2005 election with 12% of total votes.

Marshall Dennis, CDC our home party that he represents set a voting record of winning 96.4% in the presidential election in Grand Gedeh County.

Marshall Dennis is from Gbarzon District the largest political district in Grand Gedeh county and is also popular in other districts because of his development projects carry on there.


My people this is my candidate for Grand Gedeh County let your voice be heard for the right things in Liberia.

Saye-Maye Cole, Unity Party-USA Youth Chairman.