A special kind of birthday gift

Ms. Kamara says extending a helping hand to others is very important to her

Birthdays are a time of joy and merriment and are mostly celebrated with people we love.

It is not common to hear that a person decides to mark his or her day of birth by doing something special for the less privileged; that is, thinking about, and spreading love to, others, instead of oneself.

This is the case with a Liberian lady, Kutu Kamara.

The London, UK resident chose as a celebration of her birthday, which falls on February 12, to donate some money to an organization in her native Liberia to help provide free meals for less fortunate kids, especially orphans.

” I think it is good for me to share with those who are underprivileged, especially to the orphans and I think it is also good for me to do so on my birthday. It gives me a lot of joy” notes Ms. Kamara, who has contributed to humanitarian causes in the past.

Poors kids benefit from WORD’s weekly feeding program
Photo: facebook.com/nesuah.beyanlivingstone

A smiling Ms. Kamara will not go into how much she sent the organization, known as WORD and led by Mrs. Ne-Suah Beyan Livingstone, “it is enough to help provide food for them.”

WORD has distinguished itself in the West African nation by providing free meals to hundreds of poor kids every Saturday in the Neklay Town community in Lower Johnsonville, outside of the Liberian capital, Monrovia.