Addy: WTO membership good for Liberia

Minister Addy speaks at the reception

Minister Addy speaks at the reception

Liberia’s Commerce and Industry Minister Axel Addy and Chief Negotiator says Liberia’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) will provide the enabling environment for growth and development, promoting trade and commerce.

Minister Addy speaking at the last Working Party meeting in Geneva, Switrzerland on Tuesday, October 6 praised members of the Working Party and emphasized that Liberia’s cooperation and belief in the global trading system will improve the quality of life and reduce poverty in Liberia.

At a reception in Geneva for friends of Liberia hosted by the Liberian Working Party team and the  Permanent Mission of Liberia to the United Nations Office and Other International Organizations at Geneva, Minister Addy said whatsoever progress that will be achieved at the WTO will enhnace productivity and prepare the way for a better future for Liberia’s incoming generations. 

” I strongly believe that Liberia stands a good chance to tap on opportunities provided by the WTO in many trade areas, fisheries, agriculture,tourism and many others, to which the future seems bright and promising” he added.

The Chairman on the Working Party, Former Ambassador of Sweden Joakim Reiter said Liberia’s success to the WTO accession was a means of determination, strong will and commitment on the part of the Liberian Working Party team and the Liberian government.

Ambassador Reiter said Liberia's determination has become fruitful

Ambassador Reiter said Liberia’s determination has become fruitful

Chairman Reiter said the country’s WTO accession is a positive signal and sacrifice that Liberia has made in engaging with global and international partners in its trading commitment and programs.

He described Liberia’s success as not only for the country but also as a win-win for least-developed countries, which he noted is critical to the WTO.

The chairman of the Liberian Senate Committee on Commerce and Trade, James Tornolah praised the level of commitment, determination and loyalty that the Liberian Working Party team exhibited throughout the process.

Senator Tornolah believes Liberia will utilize opportunities provided by WTO

Senator Tornolah believes Liberia will utilize opportunities provided by WTO

Senator Tornolah said Liberia’s WTO accession will now begin a new paradigm of growth and national development through trade and commerce, thus adding value to the country global trading inititaive.

” Our accession to the WTO is critical for future generations, and we now need to utilize the opportunities it provides and how we can maximize those opportunities for the benefit of the nation and its people”.

The Head of Mission of the Permanent Mission of Liberia to the United Nations at Geneva, Paul  W. Tate expressed profound thanks and appreciatiion to Friends of Liberia who worked tirelessly with Liberia over the several years to ensuring that the country’s WTO accession becomes a success.

Mr. Tate said the level of commitment, determination and teamwork that went into the process was overwhelming and encouargaing.

He said the Friends of Liberia stood with Liberia even at difficult points and commended them for their help and assistance throughout the process.

Liberia's WTO Working Party

Liberia’s WTO Working Party

He particularly commended Minister Addy and the Liberia Working Party team for the level of hardwork and determination they put into the process, describing them as the true real heroes and heroines of Liberia’s WTO accession program.

Earlier in the day, Liberia presented its Draft Accession Package to the members of the Working Party on Liberia Accession to the World Trade Organization for adoption and referendum. Liberia’s Accession Package will now be put forward at the Nairobi Ministerial Conference on 15-18 December for formal adoption. 

Liberia accession to the WTO in December will not only promote domestic growth, but enhance regional, sub-regional and global trade and commerce interlinkages and trade facilitations.

Isaac C. Yeah
Minister Counselor
Press and Public Affairs