Big African gospel music concert in Sweden

The annual Swedish African Gospel Music Concert is scheduled for next Saturday, October 28 in Gothenburg and is expected to line up a host of local-based and international singers.

This second or 2.0 edition will feature artists from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK and the United States and will also include perfomrnace by a dance group. It will be held at the House of Gospel in Sweden’s second largest city.

Organized by Swedish African Gospel Music and Peace Row, according to event planner/host B-Master, the gig serves most importantly “to win souls for Christ” but also is a platform for African gospel artists in Sweden to become exposed and unleash their gifts.

He said the inaugural edition last year, held at the same venue, was very successful and many of the artists who performed there have gone on to record singles, albums and videos.

B-Master, who is also a mutlitalented producer, director, songwriter, among others, said this year’s concert will be bigger than the previous one and the plan of the organizers is to continue to have it as a yearly event. He noted that the red carpet begins at 5pm while the concert is from 6pm to 8:30 pm