Bowier: Liberian church has lost direction

Rev. Bowier says the practice of Christianity should be from the heart not the lips

Rev. Bowier says the practice of Christianity should be from the heart not the lips

A former Liberian Information Minister says waiting for a law now to turn Liberia to a Christian state would mean that the church has lost direction and is looking up to man to chart its course.
Rev. Emmanuel Bowier said Liberians don’t need to look to politicians to pass laws legislating Christianity as a national religion.

Rev. Bowier stressed that Christianity, like any other religion, needs to be cherished and practiced diligently by those who find themselves in it so that others can see and be converted, adding: “Christianity must come from our hearts, not our lips.”

Rev. Bowier, who served as Guest Preacher at the 24th Anniversary Celebration of the Trumpet Baptist Church in Ganta City, called on Liberian Christians to live lives that will convince others that Christianity is a decent religion that should be practiced in the country.

Recounting the numerous contributions made by churches in Liberia, including the establishment of Leprosy and Rehab centers, schools and hospitals, Rev. Bowier pointed out that Christians did not wait for a special legislation to do those things for the country. 
The former Information Minister challenged churches to teach their members the true value of Christianity and encourage them to live lives of example in their communities.
Source: LINA
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  1. Thanks…Rev. Bowier. You are a farsighted individual, unlike other political, economical and social manipulators of the Liberian people. Thanks again Rev.

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