CDC diaspora backs Weah’s presidential bid

Weah says he will contest the Liberian presidency in elections next year

Weah says he will contest the Liberian presidency in elections next year

The National Executive Committee of the Diaspora Branches of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) came together and agreed on a resolution to unflinchingly support the People-Powered-Petition to our Political Leader Senator George Manneh Weah, Sr., to vie for the highest office of the land and thereby be elected to head a CDC-led Government come the 2017 General Elections.
As the global arm of Liberia’s strongest and largest opposition political party, we have witnessed the masses’ aspirations to see a CDC-led Government gain significant momentum and, as Liberians residing abroad, we endorse the petition by the vast majority of Liberians to Senator Weah to run at the head of the CDC-Ticket in the upcoming elections in the Republic of Liberia.
BEING very cognizant of the selfless and enormous sacrifices and profound patriotism demonstrated by our Political Leader over several decades for the betterment of our country and its people, we, the members of the CDC Diaspora Branches in the United States of America, Europe, Canada, Australia and other parts of Africa, are convinced that Liberia will become a better country under the leadership of Senator Weah. Global members of the party came together under one umbrella to galvanize resources intended to strengthen the party and naturally our Standard Bearer’s chances to win the impending 2017 election.  We vow to work assiduously to ensure a CDC victory in 2017.
WE observe that the chronic poverty, underdevelopment, and institutional paralysis that continue to afflict our country at the hands of inefficient leaders over the past 200 years of Liberia’s existence can no longer be allowed to linger on into perpetuity. We maintain that the current administration of President Sirleaf and those of previous leaders have failed our country miserably. They have impoverished our people, weakened our country and, have subjected our fellow compatriots to be beggars and refugees in their own country.
The education system of our country is one of the least performing systems of the world, thus undermining the human capital development of our people which is a driving force behind the poverty seen across the length and breadth of the land. Our hospitals and healthcare systems are amongst the worst in the world, without any capacity to cure the most common diseases, which have been the key indicators of deaths within the country.
The fundamentals of our economy are weak thus driving severe unemployment and lack of chances at equitable living for the common people within the country. Our country continues to groom more pen-pen drivers and cold-water sellers than doctors, our impoverished young girls are being exploited rather than being transformed into lawyers, and the ordinary people of our country continue to endure an unwarranted inter-generational poverty within their our country – simply because of an inept, insincere leader who references the cries of the majority of her people – as the voice of the noisy minority.
OUR underlining argument is that this level of underdevelopment within our country is solely driven by the so-called educated, unpatriotic, greedy, selfish, and ineffective elitist class of our country who are often chosen to lead the country rather than highly patriotic sons of our country like our Political Leader.
WE believe that the sustainable growth and development of our country is dependent on the election of a patriotic leader for the country like Senator Weah. That is why we support this petition by the masses, and his resulting candidacy, seeing as he is at present THE most patriotic son of this country who can lead it from poverty to prosperity. We call on Liberians to do all they can to put an end to these exploitative and incompetent leaders of our country by electing Senator Weah, a true patriotic son of our country, as the next leader of our country come 2017.
IT IS OUR CONVICTION as members of the CDC’s Diaspora Branches, that our
Political Leader – who is one of the most patriotic Liberians that ever lived – is endowed with all of the pertinent leadership attributes that are needed to build a successful country. He is a man of peace who fought very hard for the disarmament of our warring factions during the Liberian civil war, thus ensuring the peace and tranquility that Liberia enjoys today. This eminent Liberian goodwill ambassador continues to fight for the peace of this country, by spreading hope and resilience among our ordinary struggling compatriots despite their daily suffering and their frustration with our maladroit leaders. During the unwarranted Liberian civil war which was orchestrated by President Sirleaf and her cohorts, Senator Weah single-handedly supported Liberians on the national and personal front – especially our beloved National Sports Flag Bearer – the Lone Star Soccer Team to enable them participate in major international tournaments – all at his personal expense.  During the civil crisis, our Political Leader assisted his country-people who were suffering the negative impact of the war, by providing food, clothing, education, and shelter for a countless number of persons – both domestically and internationally.
Senator Weah is a go-getter and one of the most resilient Liberians who came from humble and impoverished beginnings to lift himself out of poverty with pride and dignity. In the pursuit of education and academic excellence, this honorable man gained advanced education at a time when he was written off as a nobody,
in the so-called “intellectual” circles of our society.
A man of peace, Senator Weah, continues to demonstrate formalized leadership by successfully leading the strongest and biggest political party within the country in such a manner that the country has remained peaceful – which says a lot for him, especially if we were to comparatively analyze the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change’s modus operandi over the past 11 years and that of the erstwhile agitating opposition of  yester-years. Such selfless leadership that is being exhibited by Senator Weah is the kind of leadership that is currently needed within our country to put it on the trajectory of positive sustainable growth and development.
HENCE, WE the international-based members of the CDC are calling on all Liberians to stop rewarding these so-called Ivy-League-educated inept leaders who will only continue to victimize our struggling people, while they punish us, their economic victims, by depriving us from taking over the leadership of this country to improve the lives of the struggling Liberian people. We continue to issue the caveat that we as Liberians have to stop the buck somewhere and refrain from making the same mistakes of electing the recycled politicians and the same so-called [incompetent] elitist class. No, we cannot. Especially when they are clearly demonstrating to us on a daily basis that they don’t care about our Liberia, or WE, the people! 
We know that our country cannot and will not be developed anytime soon with the millions of impoverished people who are being neglected and deprived of resources by these failed governments. We wish to sound the caveat that this is the time for the poor people to fight for themselves by electing a truly honorable man, who truly understands the pains and agony of being poor, the angst of going to bed hungry and having to patch up old rubber soles found in the trash, as foot-wear. We wish to categorically dismiss the notion that the poor are incapable of providing leadership to the country because we trust that the same citizens being referenced as poor and unintelligent could have been some of our best doctors and lawyers if they were given access to the same resources as the children of these incapable, unpatriotic leaders of our country.
We encourage all Liberians to join Senator Weah, who has remained caring, loyal committed and peacefully relevant over the past two and a half decades, to fight for their redemption from poverty to prosperity. We urge all Liberians to shine their eyes and know that when someone is pushing your back against the wall, you must fight back because your survival will only be determined by how hard you can fight to be freed. Therefore, as our Political Leader continues his fight for the emancipation of us all, especially the disadvantaged, the destitute, the disenchanted and impoverished compatriots, from the socio-political and economic ills imputed upon us by these so-called elitist and unpatriotic leaders, we wholeheartedly support him and encourage every Liberian to do the same so that CDC VICTORY DAY 2017 will see us all riding on that winning tidal wave into a People-Powered sound leadership!
Therefore, we as members of the CDC-DIASPORA Branch give our unflinching endorsement to the People-Powered Petition to our Political Leader, Senator Saye-Korzie George Manneh WEAH, which amalgamates into one massive petition on Thursday, April 28th, 2016, dubbed “#BLUEDAY28”. A day set aside for our Political Leader to accept the masses’ petition and formally declare his CANDIDACY FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN LIBERIA!
WE call on all Liberians to join us by placing their hearts, souls, weight and strength behind the MIGHTY CONGRESS OF DEMOCRATIC CHANGE so as to ensure Senator Weah becomes the next democratically elected leader of the great Republic of Liberia in 2017.


Isaac Tukpah, Jr. Chairman, CDC-USA

Mayango Arku, Chairman, CDC-Europe

Jerry Gbardy, Chairman, CDC-Canada

Wilmot Marshall, Acting Chairman, CDC-Australia