Celebrating a birthday by giving to the less fortunate

A few days ago on February 12, Ms. Kutu Kamara, a Liberian residing in the UK celebrated her birthday and she did it in a special way, just as was the case last year. Ms. Kamara made a generous donation of cash, some bags of rice, oil, among others, to an orphanage in her native country. She told Nordic Africa News that on her special day, she felt it imperative to identify with the less fortunate.

Ms. Kutu Kamara

Her donation to the Deaf Ministry Orphanage in Chocolate City, a neighborhood, just outside the Liberian capital, in which she grew up, was the second time that she has extended a helping hand to the less fortunate. Last year Ms. Kamara made a similar donation to WORD, an organization that provides free meals to poor Liberian kids.