Collective efforts needed to tackle issues facing women

Liberia’s First Lady Clar Marie Weah says women must not allow themselves to be defined by others

Liberian First Lady Clar Marie Weah has challenged women across Africa and the world to double up efforts in tackling issues confronting them.

Mrs. Weah said with collective efforts and united voices, women can overcome the challenges, including the huge gender disparity at various levels of society.

“Women must not allow their space, life, and destiny to be defined by others,” said Mrs. Weah as she rallied the audience to see women’s empowerment as a crucial aspect of ensuring healthy and prosperous societies.

According to a dispatch, the Liberian First Lady’s statement was contained in her speech delivered on Thursday during the opening ceremonies of the eight International SHEROES Forum at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

The International SHEROES Forum is a knowledge-sharing and networking event which brings together female leaders of diverse achievements to share their experiences, expertise, and visions thus bringing new perspectives to key issues facing women.

First Lady Weah, a guest of honor, commended organizers of the event, as she reaffirmed her husband, President George Manneh Weah’s commitment to the protection and empowerment of women.

First Lady (seated 2nd from left) poses with delegates at the SHEROES Forum in Accra, Ghana

She stressed that the Sheroes Forum creates the platform for women to continue speaking out on issues stagnating their growth, development, and empowerment.

Referencing the courage of former African-American Activist Isabella Baumfree in standing against social inequalities, Mrs. Weah urged panelists and speakers to inspire a positive change in the advancement of women’s cause.

“What I encourage us all to do in these days is to share our stories to invoke a quiet revolution of change and transformation that would alter the history of women in Liberia, Africa and the world positively,” Mrs. Weah asserted.

The 2019 SHEROES Forum which ends on Saturday is being held under the theme: “Setting New Paradigm for Women’s Leadership in Africa.”

On Friday, May 17, First Lady Weah is expected to receive the prestigious SHEROES Humanitarian Award in recognition of her many humanitarian works surrounding the empowerment and welfare of women and children in Liberia.​