Covid: Sweden exempts Togo from entry ban

The Swedish Government has adopted amendments to the temporary ban on entry into Sweden.

The amendments, which come into effect on December 7, mean that travelers who can present a vaccine certificate issued in Togo will be exempt from the entry ban and the COVID-19 test requirement.

The decision today also entails amendments to the exemption for people who travel from Namibia.

Exemption for fully vaccinated travelers from Togo

The government today decided that people who can present a vaccination certificate issued in Togo are exempt from the entry ban and the COVID-19 test requirement for entry into Sweden.

According to a European Commission decision, vaccination certificates issued in Togo are to be considered as equivalent to the EU Digital COVID certificate, which means that such certificates can be checked and verified in the same manner and using the same technical systems as the EU Digital COVID Certificate.

Amendments to the entry ban for people residing in Namibia

The government has also decided to remove Namibia from the list of countries where residents are generally exempt from the entry ban solely on the ground that they reside there.

This means that the entry ban will be reintroduced for people residing in Namibia.

Other exemptions from the entry ban will also continue to apply to people who reside in Namibia. The decision will come into effect on December 7.

The amendments are the result of an update of the EU recommendations regarding travel into the EU from third countries, based on information from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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