Cummings: Liberia must redevelop its middle class

Cummings says when there's a strong middle class good things happen

Cummings says when there’s a strong middle class good things happen

Liberian-born philanthropist Alexander B. Cummings says as Liberia finds its bearing toward private sector development, human development and governance, it should focus on redeveloping its middle class.

“…That is the ultimate test. A healthy, vibrant and hopeful middle class is the pulse of a successful society … a sign that it has broken free from its past. When there is a strong middle class … good things happen. The economy diversifies. Instability diminishes. Lives improve. Markets emerge.  And government is called to account by the expectations of an empowered people,” he said.

Delivering the keynote address on Saturday, December 5 at the annual gala of the Checago Bright Foundation in Clarksville, Maryland, the USA, Cummings expressed the belief that Liberia can aspire to regain its middle class like the rest of the world.

But, according to the successful private sector leader,” it is going to take a break with history.”

At the gala which was attended by Liberians and friends of Liberia to support and raise funds for the Checago Bright Foundation, which undertakes water, sanitation and health projects in Liberia, Cummings called for Liberians to dedicate part of their lives, comforts and remittances to the rebuilding of the country.

Turning to the issue of corruption, Cummings emphasized that “it is absolutely imperative that corruption is driven out of government, and driven out of the lives of Liberians.”

Citing that there has been some improvement in the national life of the country, he however, strongly noted that “the scourge of corruption still infects the highest level of commerce and the smallest transaction daily in the public and private lives of our people.”

Amidst repeated applauses, Cummings who is also the outgoing Chief Administrative Officer, CAO,  of one of the largest and most successful global companies Coca Cola, named clarity, cooperation and conviction as three positive forces that can bring Liberia together.

Meanwhile, Cummings told a group of Liberians at a town hall style meeting in Maryland that if Liberians desire to predict the future of their country, they must work in creating that future.

He said he felt it was a patriotic and moral duty to help in the rebuilding of Liberia, given his success in the private sector in the Diaspora.

He noted that he is consulting Liberians on how, together, solutions can be developed for the many issues Liberia is grappling with.

Cummings spent about 90 minutes taking questions from Liberians on a wide range of topics including national security, health, agriculture and education.

He spoke of the formation of his Cummings Africa Foundation which is positively impacting the lives of people in Liberia. He expressed the commitment to return to Liberia to continue helping with the rebuilding process of His motherland.

The program was organized by the local Team Cummings for Liberia (TCL), a local grass-root organization which is courting Alex Cummings to consider taking on a future leadership role in Liberia.


Source: Team Cummings For Liberia