Eritreans must rise to the challenges, says Gebreab

Mr. Gebreab (2nd from right) talks about the challenges ahead

Mr. Gebreab (2nd from right) talks about the challenges ahead

Eritrea faces a number of challenges that require Eritreans to focus their energies on building up the country’s human resources, an Eritrean government official has said.
Yemane Gebreab, head of political affairs of Eritrea’s ruling party, the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), made the comment to Nordic Africa News (NAN) last week during the Eritrean cultural festival in Sweden.
He had earlier given a lecture on Eritrean national issues and the impact of regional issues in Eritrea in his  native Tigrinya language to a full house but granted a short interview to this magazine in which he noted that Eritreans must now focus on education to improve their capacity.
Mr. Gebreab, who is also a presidential advisor, said the obstacles standing in the path of the small East African nation are huge but that to face them, the nation must build capacity and technical knowledge.
The lecture was one among several that were part of the event dubbed Festival Eritrea Scandinavia and themed ‘development through resistance.’ 
Dr Misghina discusses the aggression Eritrea faces

Dr Misghina discusses the aggression Eritrea faces

In another seminar, Dr. Mussie Misghina, a neurologist at Sweden’s prestigous Karolinska Hospital,  also spoke in Tigrinya, on the topic, The Perpetual Aggression against Eritrea and the Resistance of its People. He later told NAN that he discusssed the harassment of Eritrea and what can be done about it.

Dr. Misghina said “we have to engage at grassroots level”  noting that activists in the Eritrean community must be provided the oritentation that will create enthusiasm.

He noted that Eritreans are sort of confused about why this harassmment for no reason is happening to their country. We talked about how to withstand the pressure, Dr. Misgina added.
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