Europe, Africa digital forum next week

For the first time, the EurAfrican Forum will be held exclusively online, on the 3rd and 4th of September.

EurAfrican Forum Digital 2020 will bring together personalities from the public and private sectors, but also representatives of civil society, entrepreneurs, activists and scientists

This year’s edition will focus on challenges and common points, under the motto “In Search for a Common Ground in a Post COVID World”

The event program focuses on five panel discussions:Perspectives on AU-EU relations, Matrix Energy Just Transition, Made in Africa: Emerging and Fast Track Business African Culture Feeding the World and Connecting the Unconnected  

Due to the global public health crisis, many international conferences have been canceled or postponed. However, at a time of risk and uncertainty, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Diaspora believes that it is a crucial moment for us to be together.

“The only way to respond to a global crisis is to reestablish links, not only with political and private decision-makers, but also with civil society, in order to acquire a collective vision and establish global solutions. Thus, we made the decision to hold the EurAfrican Forum Digital, so that we can play a role in the recovery of our economies” Filipe de Botton, President of the Board of Directors of the Portuguese Diaspora.

The EurAfrican Forum Digital 2020 will bring together the biggest protagonists of change on the African and European continents, namely businessmen, activists, leaders and public and private decision-makers and all those who have been contributing to the construction of a positive dialogue between the two continents.

African Press Organization