Faith in God must come first, says Minister Kabwe

Minister Kabwe says faith will help Christians to know God’s greatness

Christians have been called upon to, first and foremost, put their faith in God because He is the source of their blessings.

Minister Barnabas Kabwe of the New Covenant Parish of the Redeemed Church of God (RCCG) in Boras, Sweden, told a worship service in late January that faith in God will help worshippers to love one another and bring joy in their lives.
Preaching from Hebrews  11:1-4, he pointed out that “we are lacking as Christians because we have left faith in God at the back. Our faith should be forward,” adding that “every child of God needs to be connected to Him.”
He revealed that 2017 will be a year of praise and surprise, noting that “let no one
distract you. Keep your faith in God and everything shall be given to you. If you have lost something God will restore it.”
“There is a joy in our lives that is hidden, your faith in Christ will make you to receive that joy.”  Little faith, he noted, will not serve anyone well.
New Covenant Parish of RCCG is a small congregation with Rev. Samuel Oluware serving as pastor.