Gongloe vows to sweep corruption out of Liberia

Cllr. Gongloe says he wants to strengthen the rule of law in Liberia

Liberian presidential hopeful Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe says the country’s Presidential and Legislative elections next year present the opportunity for Liberians to strengthen the rule of law, sweep corruption out of the country and expand economic activities for sustained peace, progress, and prosperity.

He said the dream for the declaration of Liberia’s independence in Africa was to show the rest of the world that Africans were ready to govern themselves as the Europeans and Americans were doing at the time.

Addressing students of the African Studies Department of the University of San Francisco, California, USA, on November 16, Cllr. Gongloe said the founding dream has been betrayed by past and current leaders of Liberia.

He said widespread corruption betrayed the dream, but it is still alive, so the time is now to resurrect it for Liberia to be free of corruption to allow all Liberians to benefit from the promise of the dream.  

Cllr. Gongloe, who is the Standard-bearer of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP), was invited by the department to speak on Liberia: Past, Present and Future.

He said Liberian problems started with the abandonment of its founding purpose by the colonists who chose to replicate their American slavery experience instead of following through on the vision that was brought to Liberia.

The renowned human rights lawyer pointed out that elections and conflicts, lack of respect for rule of law, and corruption remain major challenges in Liberia.

To resurrect the betrayed dream, Cllr. Gongloe believes begins with all Liberians’ support and vote for candidates who are willing to summon a new dawn of zero tolerance for corruption and equal application of the law, regardless of one’s status in the society.

He said the 2023 elections provide the opportunity for all Liberians, especially the eligible voters to teach corrupt and abusive government officials a new lesson that government is an avenue to serve, not an avenue for stealing and cruelty to fellow citizens.

He urged Liberians to vote for candidates who are willing to summon a new dawn in Liberia, beginning with the presidency to begin the process of sweeping corruption out of the country on day one of the new government by making asset declarations, salaries and benefits of the President and all officials of government public by publishing them on the internet and leading newspapers in Liberia.

The LPP torchbearer said he is willing to be the torchbearer of the corruption sweepers in Liberia aimed at creating a better Liberia for all Liberians.

He said being in government is an opportunity to serve, not to steal and promised the creation of quarterly lifestyle audits for all government officials serving in all three branches if elected.

Salaries and benefits of all officials will be published and aired for public access and corrupt officials will be fired and turned over to the Liberian Anti-corruption Commission (LCC) for further investigation and prosecution.

Speaking on behalf of her Department of the School, Lilian Dube, Chairperson of the African Studies Department, said Africa is the future of the world, and “we need to hold the torch for the generation of Africa, not Liberia alone.

She described Cllr. Gongloe as the torch of hope and thanked him for his unwavering commitment to justice and human rights.