Imam: For Ahmadiyya, humanity comes first

Iman Hayat says Ahmadiyya is concerned about human welfare

Imam Hayat says Ahmadiyya is concerned about human welfare

On June 6, the managing editor of Nordic Africa News, Charles Massaquoi provided coverage for activities hosted by Imam Tahir Hayat and officials of the Islams Ahmadiyya Mission in Malmö to observe the national day of Sweden. In this report, Mr Massaquoi interviews Imam Tahir  Hayat:

Imam Tahir Hayat thank you for inviting our press team to cover such a great event.

We are very delighted to see NAN Staff in our mosque. You are always welcome here. You do not need a special invitation from us.

Your organization observe and celebrate the Swedish National Day. What is the historic significance?

Sweden is a democratic country. The people of Sweden have shown hospitality and goodwill to all migrants residing in Sweden. As migrants living in a host country this is a way to express our gratitude to the Swedish people by honoring this important day in the history of Sweden. We are setting good examples for our children, they are the future generation.

Can you describe your 16 years as a missionary in Russia, Uzbekistan?

I served my Muslim community well in Russia, but was asked by the Central Mission to continue the religious and humanitarian works of Ahmadiyya Mission in Sweden.

Some media groups are very critical of your unique organization. What is the reason? And what is your position on this subject?

We ask journalists to make their own assessment of our work by visiting us. I strongly believe that face-to-face discussion is the best way to correct the wrong notions about our mission. Our humanitarian and religious works speak volume of what we are doing in the community.

Your organization is a peaceful one what is the difference between Ahmadiyya Mission and other Islamic organizations in the World?

We respect all men and women in the society, our goal is simple humanity first. We are very concerned about human welfare, building schools,and giving aids to the poor. We believe the best way to resolve problem is to introduce a Peaceful process.  Violence is not a part of our agenda. This is the key to our success. We condemn the senseless killings and violence by so-called small islamic groups in the society. These handful of people have given a false picture of Islam. They have damaged the good image of Islam which is peace.

Thank you Imam Tahir Hayat it is always a pleasure to interview officials from your unique organization.

Thanks for coming we are very grateful to NAN editorial team.