LAC boss lauds staff, others for support in tough year

The general manager of the Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) has commended the workers of the rubber producing entity and all of its stakeholders for “standing by me and assisting me in taking the right decisions at the right time and to ensure minimum disruption of normal life on the plantation

Vijay Mirah especially praised the management committee, camp masters, the Liberian Agricultural Company Staff Association (LACSA), Liberian Agricultural Company SUB Staff Association (LACSSA) and LAC Workers Union (LAWU).

Speaking in an interview with LACSA RADIO at the weekend, he also commended the Grand Bassa County Legislative Caucus, the clergy, elders, opinion leaders, youth and women’s organizations, among many others, for their priceless contributions.

Mirah also heaped praises on the LAC Corona Task Force members who helped in brainstorming to come up with effective measures and the medical staff who have been working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of the employees.

Mr. Mirah said he is sincerely pleased with the level of maturity displayed by the residents of LAC and its surrounding areas as it relates to the senatorial mid-term election. LAC is located in Grand Bassa County.

The LAC General Manager stressed that ‘’as we celebrate another season of joy, hope and peace, we mustn’t forget that the whole world is faced with the grave situation of the Covid-19 virus disease, which has and continues to claim the lives of people all over the globe’’.

He said throughout our holiday celebrations, reflection should be on those who lost their lives.

Mirah added that appreciation must be accorded to the numerous and immeasurable efforts of all health workers, health sector partners and institutions that are working towards eradicating the deadly virus and developing the vaccine and “during the festive season let us remember that prevention is the only way to protect ourselves.’’

He lamented that the Corona virus came into the world like a stealth bomber with no warning whatsoever and took everyone by surprise.

The LAC boss noted that the virus has torn to bits the social fabric of the entire world.

“Overnight the friendly and gregarious people of our mother earth lost their smiles, stopped shaking hands and hugging each other; in both their joys and sorrows. Several businesses, small and large shut down, airlines stopped operating, millions lost their jobs or received salary cuts.”

He noted that ‘’for the last several months, it has been like a war situation. However, like in every war there are heroes, we have had our share of heroes too, in our fight against Covid-19.

“Several doctors and health workers sacrificed their lives trying to save the sick. They fought on the frontline like committed soldiers and gave their lives so that the rest of us could live. I salute all the health workers who were and are doing everything possible to eradicate the virus.

“The role of administration has been commendable in these difficult times. Stringent measures were put in place well in time to contain the spread of Corona that had the potential of causing absolute devastation.’’

Mr. Mirah concluded ‘’with the support of all its residents, LAC also made its humble contribution towards the virus prevention.  

“However, the fight is not over yet. We must continue to observe the measures put in place until the country is declared Covid-19 free’’.

Draper C. Tolborh, Sr.