Liberian 3rd division club falls on hard times

Liberian club Diadora FC is preparing for the third division football championship which is scheduled to begin soon.

Located in the Chocolate City community outside the Liberian capital, Monrovia, Diadora has been putting up strong performances in the Liberian Football Association third division championships in Gardnersville for a number of seasons.

In the 2010/11 season, the club became knock-out champion in Gardnersville.

Diadora also serves as a haven for young footballers who would otherwise be engaged in unwholesome activities in a community which does not offer much to its youngsters in terms of recreation and sports.

But the club’s ambitions are threatened by the lack of funds, putting its participation in the championship in doubt.

Jah Kamara, former coach and benefactor of the club, is presently out of the country and notes that there is a lack of money to get resources required for the club to feature in the championship.

He notes that if the financial situation is not improved the team will not play in the league this year, something that will have a negative impact on its players.

Kamara is making a plea for help to keep the club afloat. He says anyone wishing to offer help can get in touch with him through