Liberia’s newest music sensation


Comfort X, born Comfort Makwana Dassin in Harbel, Liberia, placed herself as an immediate contender in the music entertainment industry with her strong, ‘femme’-liberating oriented lyrics. Comfort X’s first released single,  “Mon Cheri CoCo”, proved that this “Liberia’s newest diva” had the intentions to dominate the music scene.

“Sex Potion” her first E.P. Album, scheduled for release 2014 is a minuscule indicator of what the rising star has to offer. The album offers a mixture of genres, from Afro-pop to Soul, Hip-Hop with an Afrique twist, and underground new waves sounds.

Comfort X is not new to the entertainment world. Her multi-talented attributes has had her scouted by talent agents since the tender age of eight to feature in Kraft commercials, completed a gospel album with the group “Gospel Angels” at the age of 11, and landing acting roles in independent films, with her more prominent role as ‘Fleance’ in ‘Tango Macbeth’ by independent film producer and director, Nadine Patterson.

“Writing was my first passion, although many believe it is dance, since I’m associated with that among those who may have been acquainted with me. Naturally, in junior high, I began writing song lyrics—at this point, I knew that I had a hint of musical talent.”

In 2002, Comfort started a girls group, where she wrote most of the songs and choreographed their moves. Destiny struck, landing the girls a chance to perform in front of a major music producer and gospel song writer who had associations with “Babyface” (famous American R&B/Soul singer). The meeting resulted in Comfort X’s (Comfort Dassin at the time), first major record label offer. Yet, before contracts could be drawn, she remained loyal to her fellow group members since the offer was a solo deal and declined his proposal.

Early Life

Being raised in the violent, economically disadvantaged ‘projects’ of Park hill, in Staten Island, New York, and prior, forced to hide in a swamp in the midst of dead Liberians stricken by the first Civil War, Comfort X is no foreigner to adversity. Growing up she continued to stay music-centered, she joined her high school musical choir in Montgomery County, PA, becoming involved in their various performances, later creating, choreographing, and directing her own Performing Arts Showcase which helped to promote young artists alike. She continued her musical journey all through college while being a young single mother. Many can attest Comfort X is beauty and brains, receiving multiple academic and leadership awards at various higher education institutions.

Comfort X eyes bigger things

Comfort X eyes bigger things

It was in college that Comfort X met “Sincerity Love Johnson” (Sin Love), who later collaborated with the Roots, and began writing lyrics for her. Eventually, featuring on a song with the Indie-Amero artist, Sin Love, titled “No More War” (also unreleased); where the two performed the single at Philadelphia’s own ‘Silk City’.

Doing background dance work for Sin Love, led her to grace the stage on the ‘Golden Girl’ (Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio personality) ‘28 days 28 schools Tour’, which head-lined Young Steph, American R&B/Hip-Hop artist”. Later, Dassin met Jodi Clarke, Liberian Afro-Pop sensation, with the intention to write lyrics for him as well. After discovering her talent for dance and choreography, Liberian Afro-Pop sensation, Jodi, began collaborating with Comfort X.

Since their acquaintance, she has choreographed and was featured as a dancer in Jodi Clarke’s ‘Love You’ music video, as well as choreography for his “Number One’ single, which features Bracket (Nigerian music duet).

More On Acting

Besides back-up dancing for music artists, and songwriting, she has also had her share in the acting world, with her first taste in 2008, onset with Henry Momolu, Liberian Actor and co-creator of the popular Liberian movie, “Imported Bride”, where she met Diezi Dunbar (Liberian Actor) and, Alvin and Anson Nyemah (Liberian Movie Directors/Producers), for an unreleased project titled “Faithful”. Ms Dassin, later found her niche for acting and landed a supporting role with Indie Film movie producer and writer, Nadine Patterson, in 2010 where she transformed into a 12-year old boy in “Tango Macbeth”.

Following, Tango Macbeth, in 2012, Dassin landed a featured background role where she plays a slave, in “The North Star”, produced by Clifton Powell and the Jersey Style Film Inc., among many other projects in the field of the arts.

Comfort’s most recent released collaboration, which got the attention of music enthusiasts, “Sweet Mother”, by Hip-Hop artist, Kid Wonda, featuring Young LV, produced by Dan Jonathan Rayivo (Gabon’s music producer), was a strategic transition for exposing this best kept, secret talent, adding to her list.

Comfort X is already getting the attention of media outlets, gracing the blog of “Liberia’s Renaissance Girl” on and featuring in the April issue of ‘Sparkle’, a magazine based in Japan, and redistributed in some parts of the USA.

Finally, this young diva, ‘Sister Comfort’, Comfort X, is ready to step stage front, and expose her hidden talent as a music performing artist. With three already released singles: “Mon Cheri Coco”, “CALA”, and “Suicidal”  off her debut E.P. album “SeX Potion”, she has proven her dedication to dominating the entertainment world.

“‘Model Struttin’ , one of the songs on the album, is a lifestyle…it’s the new ‘swagger’…it’s for people just feeling good and looking good in any situation, and exerting something extra about them, like having an ‘X-factor’” and this is what I like to express, she explains.

“SeX Potion” Comfort X’s first E.P. is not going to be the last we hear from this promising Afro-Indie/Soul performing music artist…she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.