Liberia: Group wants experienced banker in gov’t

International banker Michael Geegbae Mueller speaks at a Liberian program in Europe

A Liberian organization has recommended the inclusion into government of a professional banker, Michael Geegbae Mueller who has a wealth of international contacts and connections.
The Liberian for Democracy, Peace and National Development (LDPND) made the call in the wake of calls for President Dr. George Manneh Weah to include professional Liberians into the governance structure of the country, bringing on board their professional and academic experiences.
LDPND said in a press release that Mr. Mueller, who is also an administrator and international development expert, obtained a bachelor degree in commerce in 1987 and earned a masters in economics and business administration In 1996.
Mr Mueller, formerly chairman of the board and election commission chairman of the European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA), has had a very broad and rich career within the world of finance, noted the released signed by LDPND Executive Director Sylvester Roberts.
The release added that “He worked not only for very highly recognized locally based Swiss banks but also for some of the most prestigious international Swiss banks. He started out at the Zuercher Kantonal Bank, and then worked as Assistant Vice President for Bank Leu and Credit Suisse in Zurich.
“He later joined the Citibank of Zurich in Switzerland as it Vice President and then in 2004 he became the President of the Board and CEO for Swiss Orion Funds AG. He also worked for Instinet Switzerland AG as Member of the Board until he joined UBS as Director responsible for West Africa.
“With his deep sense of understanding and framework in-depth knowledge and considerable experience of investing, operating, and financing,he has a distinct understanding of negotiation and meeting legitimate business objectives, thus adding value and bringing on new investments pertaining to trade and investments.”
Mr.Mueller’s competence encompasses negotiations on behalf of some African countries, where he had worked and also working in Europe, Asia, Far East, and the Middle East, the LDPND added.
He is best suited to assist the current Liberian administration in attracting trade, investments as well as making sure that other financial institutions, the Central Bank of Liberia(CBL), the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning(MFDP), Commerce and Industry and Foreign Affairs can be guided to achieving their goals.
LDPND calls on President Weah to extend an open arms to all Liberians across the globe with international trade, banking and development backgrounds to rally their support in helping the country in its current economic situation to a more financially prudent and investment friendly environment.
The organization thinks the inclusion of other Liberians with similar qualification, backgrounds and competence will help in promoting trade and investments in the country and also alleviating the sufferings and economic situation of the country.