Liberian police conduct worries US Ambassador

Ambassador Malac shakes hands with Police Director Massaquoi

Ambassador Malac shakes hands with Police Director Massaquoi

United States Ambassador to Liberia Deborah Malac Thursday  stressed the need for improve police conduct after she reaffirmed her government’s commitment to assist Liberia in building  the capacity of its national police force.

Ambassador Malac said good police conduct towards citizens is significant in a democratic environment such as Liberia.

She lauded the police administration for stringent measures taken against officers who have contravened the police duty manual.

Ambassador Malac told Nordic Africa News that the US Government’s renewed commitment to the police is predicated on the level of professionalism the police force has exhibited in the execution of its statutory mandate, especially the improved provision of security for the people of Liberia.

The US Envoy made statement after closed door meeting with the top brass of the Liberia National Police (LNP) at its headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia.

She said  her government is willing to provide spare parts for broken down police vehicles in order to to have them back in full police operations.

She stressed that with the potential drawdown of the United Nations Mission in Liberia, it was significant for the police force to be fully equipped to meet the security needs of the Liberian people in the absence of UNMIL.

She also said her government is  impressed with measures being taken to curtail police misconduct and urged the leadership of the police to  focus on the work of its Professional Standards Division to have it win public confidence.

Amb. Malac assured the LNP that the US Government support to the Emergency Response Unit and Police Support Unit will include the Professional Standards Division.

In respond,  Police Director Col. Clarence Massaquoi narrated the logistical difficulties being experienced by the LNP in fulfilling its obligations to the people of Liberia.

He told the US Envoy that despite difficulties facing the police force it remains committed to fighting crime in the country.

Col Massaquoi assured that police misconduct will be addressed.

He also spoke of suspensions, dismissals and prosecutions which have been instituted by his administration to punish unruly police officers.

He lauded the US Government for the continuous support being rendered to the police in the wake of major logistical challenge.

Story & Photo Peter N. Toby