Liberians vote in Europe


Elections of a new set of leaders will be the main order of the day as Liberians living in Europe gather in Gent, Belgium this weekend to celebrate the 168th independence anniversary of their country. The West African nation of Liberia declared its independence on July 26, 1847.

Representatives from various Liberian national organizations on the continent will go to the ballot box on Friday, the first day of the festivities, organized under the banner of the European Federation of Liberian Associations (EFLA), as Mayango Arku, EFLA financial advisor, and Kingston Washington Wleh vie to take the presidential seat from longtime leader John Brownell. Wleh is currently president of the United Liberian Association in Belgium.

EFLA’s Acting Secretary Francis Mensah and Mrs Daether Mulbah Jackson are running unopposed for the posts of secretary general and treasurer respectively. Mensah is also the president of the Liberain Swedish Association while Mrs. Jackson is a businesswoman who lives in Belgium.

The new leadership will be put into office the next day during an independence ball. Liberia’s ambassador to Belgium Isaac Nyenabo will serve as guest speaker. The celebrations end on Sunday. Organizers have noted that football and other sports and games will form part of the celebrations.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the Union of Liberian Organizations has lined up a host of activities to commemorate the occasion.

On Friday, the 24th,  the Liberian comedy movie, Jack and Joe in Accra  will premier at the CC Lounge on New Kent Road in London at 6pm.

On Saturday, Senator Geraldine Doe of the Liberian senate and Dr. Musa Zuanah, chief medical officer of the Telewoyan Hospital in Lofa, will serve as guest speakers during a formal program at Merton Hall on Kingston Road while an after-party will be held at CC Lounge.

A thanksgiving service at  the Worcester Park Baptist Church will bring down the curtains on Sunday.