More people living with HIV in Liberia

With the national HIV prevalence at 2.1%, the National AIDS Commission of Liberia has reported an increase in the number of persons living with HIV in Liberia from about 33,000 persons to 43,200 persons. 
According to the National AIDS Commission, the new figure represents Spectrum 2017 Estimates finalized and published by the National AIDS Control Program of the Ministry of Health. 
Spectrum is a UNAIDS software that estimates different HIV indicators within the country.  Liberia’s population is estimated to be at 4,120,177.       

A release from the National AIDS Commission, signed by its Information Education and Communication (IEC) Coordinator T.Lincoln Reeves, states that according to the Spectrum Estimates, of the 43,200 persons infected with HIV, 24,000 are women while 15,000 are men. 

The release further discloses that of the 43,000 persons living with HIV, 39,000 are adults while 4,200 are children.  The number of people living with HIV who are on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) is 8,076 or 18.7%, according to the report.  

The report also indicates that for pregnant women, the number in need of Antiretrovirals (ARVs) yearly is 2,000.  Of that number, about 1,382 or 69.1% receive ARVs.  

Additionally, the report estimates that a total of 2,900 persons are infected with HIV annually, while 2,800 persons die of AIDS related causes annually.