New frontlines for Liberian “war criminals” Part II


Journalist and writer James Kukolu Fasuekoi opines that alleged war criminals are rubbing salt into the wounds of their victims

Journalist and writer James Kukolu Fasuekoi opines that alleged war criminals are rubbing salt into the wounds of their victims

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“G.V fanatics” lash out at womanhood; used profanities as weapon in “debate” 

Though it is not my intention to in any way  to add to the pains and insults already inflicted upon Massa Washington, neither do I take pleasure re-posting (in parts or whole), lewd comments by irresponsible men directed at womanhood. However, I sincerely feel it is necessary that readers get a gist of what runs down in the heads of some of Liberia’s so-called “educated” and “civilized people” now residing abroad when they sit behind their keyboards. Secondly, by writing about such rude behaviors and re-posting some, the “instigators” are exposed, thereby enabling readers to draw their own independent conclusions as to where the faults lie.

Please also note the following presentation is only a small fraction out of total 109 pages of exchanges, covering nearly a month between social critics on one hand, and loosed “loyalists” claiming to be backing ex-warlord Alhaji Kromah on the other. As readers will see for themselves, the below posts by both Jacob Kromah and Manyou Bility, from a sociological standpoint show that the two men clearly lack self-worth, and that they may have some sort of anger-management problems of their own to be able to heap this level of insults upon another’s mother.

“This u-ly, old ___satan, ___ Massa Washington is back again with her____and….better take your ____self from here,” wrote Jacob Kromah under the following screen email name: Monday, Jan 13/14 3:39PM. As if those were not enough, Manyou Bility, another Mandingoe and resident of Milwaukee, pushed this short sentence: “Massa, do you want me to insult your mon?”, Friday Jan 17/14, 1:28 AM from email: Massa’s crime was only because she exercised part of her rights as spelled out in the Liberian Constitution under Chapter III-Fundamental Rights; Article 15: (a), (b), (c) and (e).  These rights among others states: “The right encompasses the right to hold opinions without interference and the right to knowledge. It includes freedom of speech and of the press, academic freedom to receive and impart knowledge and information…,” rights that Massa was exercising.

After dropping the bombs, Dolleh, Jacob, Manyou and other Kromah’s followers apparently thought the obscenity would deter the former war-correspondent from participating in the exchanges or exposing ULIMO-K’s reported atrocities. They were altogether wrong as Massa remained resolute, exhibiting a high degree of boldness in confronting her aggressors who barely hold any regard for womanhood. “It is obvious you [Jacob and Manyou] come from a background where women are treated as non-entity and de-valued and therefore you want to try it to the rest of Liberian woman,” she wrote in a Jan 15/14 post. “Again, I am not perturb[ed] by the insults from these people because what it does is that it validates my points calling for accountability and justice for war victims. It also exposes the weaknesses and inhibitions of culprits of these crimes and their supporters,” said, the former TRC official.

Massa Washington further re-directed the “Bility-Jacob” “medicines” to their respective mothers and sisters as well. Massa action is fairly the typical norm in much of Africa including Liberia whenever a buffoon denigrates a female member of the community. All the affected female individual needs to do is re-direct such lewd remarks to the individual’s biological parents and that’s because, it won’t have much impact by merely addressing such comments only to the male aggressor. Now, here is the main point. As much as readers may empathize Massa’s agonies for those unwarranted “verbal violence” against her person, it is equally important readers recognize that the rude conducts by these men are clearly embedded in the above message voiced out in the above paragraph by Massa, which insinuates this sort of outrageous “verbal aggression” by a bunch of older men with similar background toward a peaceful woman seemingly has to be of cultural issues.

Massa’s response was greeted by an avalanche of comments from other moderate discussants, appalled by the verbal violence. They all expressed disgust over the misconducts of Manyou, Jacob and other followers. It was then that certain Mandingoe elders who earlier stayed out of the “fight” came in and reluctantly frowned on the unnecessary use of lewd comments by Kromah’s supporters against womanhood. What is more interesting about the elders’ “intervention” is that while they extended “apology” to Massa Washington for the rude conducts of their brothers, they at the same time accused and/or blamed her as being the “instigator” for all that happened to her by reason of her “lifting” or re-posting the Senji reported ULIMO-K massacre. Notice the elders’ expression of “regret” was prompted by strong condemnation from scores of social media commentators mainly from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Despite the seeming “lawlessness” and “senselessness” clearly exhibited by men (supposedly with grandchildren) in this entire scenario, yet, the so-called “elders” failed to strongly reprimand their brethren which of course, culturally, somewhat sets them apart from other groupings in the country. Meantime, while many of the posters decided to turn away from the so-called “debate” that has sunk into such lawlessness as described repeatedly, some Liberians refused to leave it all to a single group of people. Among them was Mr. Isaac Settro and in his initial post of Jan 14/14, this is how his reaction to those offensive comments made by Jacob was:  “But this guy [Jacob] doesn’t respect women. He doesn’t need to be posting around here.”

“I am seriously speechless that our Liberian men are this hateful towards us,” wrote Mrs. Roberta Williams in a Jan 15, 2014 post, continuing,   “and these are the same men that want to sleep with and marry us? WOW!!!”  But before exiting, Roberta had the following questions for Mr. Bility: “Mr. Bility, is this what you learned in the Quran about how to treat women in your Muslim faith? Or are you one of those fake Muslims only for the names?!!” Moments later, she was joined by Ajavon Kalay of Laurel, Maryland, USA, who, in a Jan 15, 2014 post offered the followings: “Do you have a wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother or aunts? If you did, than [then] you should be ashamed of yourself and your family. If you can’t discuss issues on this lis-serve civilly and intellectually without insult, than [then] you should not participate into such discussion.”

Mrs. Welley A. Mulbah of Georgia, USA, is a Liberian as well whose thoughtful perspectives on national issues from gender to politics carry weight and are well respected by many of social media critics mainly because, of the way she writes to the point. In a Jan 16, post, she contributed the followings among others in an attempt to give some consolation to her female professional counterpart: “You see, men who begin with insults in any debate are those who are intellectually deficient. This is the 21st Century where no amount of “dirty talks” can scare women. Do not let any amount of insults deter you [Massa] from exposing those rebels who killed and tortured our people.” “I encourage you to be the tough lady you are. Now that you have successfully fought fire with fire, let’s go back to the original story you were telling to your audience before the distractions.”

Soon, the argument shifted away from Massa and took an uglier tribal trend so much that majority participants became forced to retreat. It had quickly turned into what appeared to be “Mandingoe vs. Gio/ Mano” over the NPFL war. The discussion was now surrounding which side killed who? And just as in the previous arguments, it became clear that the provocation again was begun by Mohamed Sherif a Kromah’s fanatic. Sherif was assisted by one Faliku Konneh (said to be completing his “Masters” at Temple or Penn State) and just like Sherif, Konneh said some mean things about the Gios in total disregard of his personal “cultural values.” To the utmost surprise of every participant, Sherif carelessly threw “words” at his opponent, one Emmanuel Monluo of Minnesota, believed to be a Nimbaian. Sherif’s unwarranted profanities were not only restricted to Monluo alone but took on a collective term against the Dahn and Mahn ethnic groups of Nimba. Perhaps, the most hypocritical and intriguing thing many find in Konneh-Sherif’s erratic commentaries, just as those of Dolleh, Manyou Bility and others, is that tendency to mention the name of “ALLAH” in their disturbing outbursts. How it is can someone needlessly engage in deceptive acts (lies) and slanders against another’s character and yet mixed it with GOD’s name when ALLAH abhors these very things?

In retaliation, Monluo, who had tried to stay out of the “debate,” fearing it could degenerate into a “tribal chaos” apparently based upon past experiences, decided to respond in similar fashion to Sherif’s post after his attempt to civilly engage the belligerent Sherif failed. I could place the various comments here but for the decency of Liberian Mandingoes, I’m obliged to keep Monluo’s responses secret, just as I will withhold Sherif’s outbursts for the respect of the Dahn and Mahn people of Nimba. The entire episode was sparked off when Monluo tried to correct what he termed, “the misinformation embedded in Mohammed Sherif’s insensitive script” concerning early fighting between the AFL and NPFL forces in Sanniquellie and Karnplay in Nimba in 1990. OLM web audience, though confused as to which story to believe, had deep leaning to the side of Monluo’s version of the episode was buttressed by that of Mr. Clarence Gono, also a Nimba citizen. Now instead try and prove his opponent wrong like what an intelligent person would do in this situation, Sherif chose to bask into what he does best by labeling Monluo as “rebel,” “thug,” and “vagabond.”

By January 18, the exchanges had become disgustingly nastier, with the rest of the participants staying away, leaving it with Sherif and Monluo. However, as Monluo tried to disengage due to advices by other moderate commentators, Sherif, on the other hand continued the use of “ethnic slurs” none stop against Monluo and his ethnic group thus forcing him Monluo to equally respond. It was at this point that Mr. Isumel Kromah, a Mandingoe elder and present resident of Geneva, Switzerland, sent a word of wisdom interjected with an instruction in the Holy Quran, to Sherif and his group (Jan 18, 2014) and it read thus: “I encouraged you guys to please observed and remember the command from the Noble Qura’n when luqman adviced his children to be moderate, lower their voices, and put their trust in Allah.” This was immediately followed by another short post from an elderly Mandingoe woman who similarly signaled the belligerent “fanatics” that it was “enough” as she urged them to cease so that they could later hold a phone conversation with her.

Mandingoes, just like the Lormas, have strong traditions whereby obedience and honor for older folks are heavily regarded (something already cited by me and will continue to reference same in subsequent paragraphs). No matter what the situation may be, the culture dictates that the young ones accord older folks courtesy and respect at all times. This type of tradition automatically gives elders sway over the young people in both Mandingo and Lorma societies; that a decision by an elderly person may supersede that of his junior, meaning, if an older person tells a young folk to halt, he or she must do so without any objection. These are traditions that have survived hundreds of years among these ethnic groups. Based upon this reason plus many more, one would think that this humble “plead” by two respected elders would be enough to get Sherif off Monluo’s back but no. It was Monluo who had to swallow the bitter pills by ignoring his rants in order to end the chaos. This behavior is certainly bizarre especially for someone from an ethnic background where emphasis is place on cultural values. But again, this experience should take us back to the cannibalistic war that destroyed every fabric of our Liberian society as cited in part one earlier.

Genesis of the Current Hostilities    

The entire “debate” was sparked off in Jan 2014, moments after I provided the OLM web audience with links to a two-part rejoinder authored by me and published by The Perspective (Dec. 31, 2002 & Feb. 10, 2003) as counterpoints to Mr. Varfley Dolleh’s fire-spitting series titled: “Armed Resistant as Last Resort: Mandingoe Factor in the Liberia Civil War.” My post was accompanied by a short introduction with a couple of questions, among them these two: Why did the Alhaji and his fighters failed to liberate their “people” and the entire country from the hands of Taylor’s NPFL?  And why unlike ULIMO, the LURD rebel forces succeeded in removing the country’s main enemy, Charles Taylor? My post came in wake of an announcement posted on the OLM listserv by associates of Liberia Diaspora Forum Talk Show that “Alhaji G.V. Kromah, former Liberia’s notorious war leader of the ULIMO-K Faction” was expected speak on national issues. The links were to give readers firsthand information ahead the speaking engagement which is normal. Also, the moment presented a good chance for Mr. Dolleh, a former key war actor of ULIMO-K, now in our midst on social media, to defend his faction’s atrocities.

It is interesting altogether how the former warlord Aide has over the years transformed his TOOLS OF WAR [the guns] into those of COMPUTER KEYBOARDS. Discussing the war with the elusive Dolleh in order to know why he acted the way he did during the conflicts was of paramount interest to me as war victim. But soon after my post, a second emerged of civilians’ massacre in Senji, Grand Cape Mount with the evidence pointing toward Mr. Kromah’s men.  This one came from TRC commissioner, Massa Washington. And as stated earlier, her reason for posting the massacred document on the OLM was for informational purposes just as mine. The Senji massacre is among scores of genocides documented by the TRC that have become part of the national archive in Liberia. Though Massa was never the “author” or “source” of report, some of those who accused me of “pitting heads” together similarly blamed her for fermenting tension among the “tribes” by posting the materials. While such excuse from adults (some of who may be nursing grandchildren at home) holds no water, the least we both expected is that some could abuse our courtesies and run amok with those informative materials like a “Butt Naked” group.

Why the need to confront Dolleh

It must be noted that apart from the reported Lofa massacres, it was discovered Kromah’s fighters also carried out civilian massacres mostly of Krahns in the Klay-Bomi area in western Liberia during the ULIMO inter-tribal wars of 1995-1996 that led to the front’s split. The murders had come into full public view when Gen. Roosevelt Johnson’s ULIMO-J Krahn fighters seized the Tubmanburg Highway town in a surprised attack, confiscated items such as printed photographs that belonged to ULIMO-K fighters. Annoyed by what they saw, Johnson’s ULIMO-J men disembowel their captured “prisoners of war,” and placed the chopped-heads of “POWs” next to their roadblocks. Liberia’s Ace photojournalist Sando Moore was blessed to be on the scene. His ghastly pictures plus those “fruit of the crime” (FOC) photographs recovered by Gen. Johnson’s men were published by the independent Eye Newspaper and other papers. One of the photographs showed ULIMO-K rebel Commander Ousman Konneh, aka “Gen. Pepper & Salt” humiliating some men. In one instance, he showed off the cut ear of a man as his fighters cheered on. The faction was sharply condemned by the public and human rights groups for such gross human rights violations. Read:

In late 1996, in an attempt to make history, Mr. Kromah announced that his ULIMO-K faction would unilaterally begin disarmament of its rebels in the Lofa capital of Voinjama ahead of the official deadline given by ECOWAS nations. Mr. Kromah, himself a seasoned journalist, had invited the local and foreign media to witness the process as his men turn in their weapons to ECOMOG peacekeeping forces in Voinjama. In response to his call, close to ten journalists assembled at his Congo Town residence from where a chartered bus awaited to convey them to Lofa for the event. I had gone prepared with all my Associated Press gadgets. I had never been fortunate to travel deeper into their territories since their struggle began. And because of being rejected by Mr. Varfley Dolleh in 1994 to travel up Lofa in wake of the reported genocides by Kromah’s rebel troops, making this trip now by road through my home region of Zorzor, while their men were still armed could afford me the opportunity to get a glimpse of the atmosphere there.

However, hours before takeoff, an official of the faction who at one time worked as a government journalist came in to screen reporters before departure. The man in question was at the time the most leading ULIMO-K official in the parliament and he knew me personally, my ethnic background, and the type of journalism that I practice. At one point prior to the war he had contracted me to do some work for his news magazine publication. So seeing me there made him somehow furious apparently with fear I might see more. Not knowing what all that might possibly lead to he decided he would do a list of only reporters permitted to make the journey. After his roll-call, it became clear that of about a dozen journalists that had assembled at Mr. Kromah’s palace, it was only I that wasn’t qualified to make the trip. My colleagues couldn’t understand why but inwardly I knew why and refused to make a big deal of it.

With everyone seated and ready to go, I bided my colleagues goodbye as I parked my equipment to leave for home but was stopped by an elderly Mandingoe man. Behold he too had been watching the entire time. And certainly just like my colleagues, he too couldn’t figure out why the official denied me. He ordered that I get on the bus. Because, elders hold sway over the young ones in Mandingo culture, as cited earlier, I was allowed to make the journey. In our midst was a Kromah’s former child soldier (who was now about 17 years old) and returning to Voinjama after a short trip to Monrovia. Unaware of the nature of our work and believing we were all part of the “Kromah-ULIMO-family” headed to Voinjama for the celebrations; the boy turned excited and began to tell us his heart. He was seated between another correspondent and me, and as we drove past the Zorzor District town of Sukromu at nighttime he told us how he and some adult ULIMO-K rebels “Kill so many Lorma people” in Sukromu the time they seized that area from the Lofa Defense Force. He explained he still had vividly memory of a Lorma woman pleading that they kill her and spare her two little children, “but we killed all of them,” he boasted. Again click link:

Kromah’s ULIMO-K war which paralyzed the entire Lofa County in terms of human lives and properties was different in some ways from the fighting in other parts of Liberia in that it was coalesced with cultural and religious factors as pointed out somewhere in part one of this series under subtitle: Brief history of Varfley Dolleh & his roles in the war. Unlike the NPFL and LPC battles in Sinoe, or the NPFL vs. government forces, the Lofa situation that led to the mass murders of Lorma civilians, prompting the quick formation of the Lofa Defense Force was interlocked particularly in the cultural practices of the Lorma people which could be our next topic if the “adversaries” should respond to this series. In order to be able to understand what led to such mass murders in Lofa, it’s very important that the general public, together with present and future historians understand the convoluted cultural atmosphere that existed then and now in Lofa between the two groups, and why rebels from Dolleh-Kromah ULIMO-K particularly singled out Lormas in lower Lofa for such massacres.

On the other hand, it’s needless to blame those who viewed our postings to be “pitting tribes” against one another, the reason being that the country lost so many men and women of conscience during the years of bloodbath; leaving behind the lucky ones supposedly academically “balanced” but find themselves diminishing consciously in a society that has become so corrupt and “polarized”  to the extent some cannot any longer “decipher” (to borrow two of Dolleh’s most overly used verbs) wrong from right. Otherwise, why would some in their right minds not press Varfley Dolleh to explain his reason for singling me out from among a team of “handpicked journalists” headed for Lofa to probe the massacres of civilians by their rebel forces? And why would they not press further to hear from him regarding the numerous genocides associated with his faction like the Zorzor- Sukromu incident where innocent women and children were slaughtered all for simply being born Lorma. Why would our “accusers” not focus on him when his vindictive “posture” as we now see, gives some indications that he could have possibly be one of the masterminds behind his group’s ruthless action but now brag his rebels fought a “just war?”

I wonder where on this planet one can find a “just war” that didn’t take innocent lives away especially one like the ULIMO-K war fought in a brutal tribal fashion. Under this prevailing situation, shouldn’t war-victims face their “Pharaohs” or possibly confront them in cases where the “killers” proved to be unremorseful?   That’s exactly what a war-victim (whose relatives became unnecessary casualties) would do, armed with this much information plus many more on the ULIMO-K-Lofa war of the 1990s. Furthermore, based upon what is taking place in social media circles, it’s about time that Liberian media entities treat “social media” as a special “news beat” worldwide  just as major U.S. news agencies such as the AP, CNN, and MSNBC and so on, are doing. Doing otherwise may cause the local media to miss out on a lot. Maybe, through this way the media is able to once more stir the conscience of society so that people are empowered to make rational decisions and act accordingly by remaining focused on the real issues that should be claiming our attention and avoid picking on the wrong people as some posters tried to do.

Invasion of privacy rights, character defamation-the case of Kromah’s fanatics

On the web Home Page of ex-warlord Kromah, Dolleh is being portrayed as someone who holds a degree in political science” from the University of Liberia. See link: With such an “impressive” credential, one would be misled into believing that Dolleh is trustworthy or  at least some type of “scholastic material” only to be amazed that he is intellectually dishonest and takes deep pleasure in defaming the good names of people who expose their war activities even though they can be the first to throw stones. The excessive use of foul languages and outright falsehood adopted by him and some of his followers like Manyou Bility against someone like me who disagree with them on almost everything are quite troubling for a man who once served as a Liberian government official during the turbulent years of the country. He along with his Mandingoe brother Manyou Bility go as far to fabricate a bunch of lies not only about me but also highly respected personalities like Dr. Lawrence Zumo of Maryland and Liberia’s TRC commissioner, Massa Washington, and post same on the OLM social network with intent to hurt our good reputations.

Confused and with nothing better to offer readers during our various arguments, Dolleh and Bility threw lies here and there, lies that defy common sense, with no slight thought that the public and readers would be the ones to decide the trustworthiness of their junks. In one, both Bility and Dolleh alleged former Lofa County superintendent Mr. Ernest Sumo Jones “recruited” Dr. Zumo to work for the Lofa Defense Force and “through such connection” Mr. Jones even “hosted” him (Zumo) at his Jones’ residence when he first arrived to the US. Their self-incriminating post further claimed in a Jan. 14/14 post, Dr. Zumo is “a communist and doesn’t believe in democracy” and the only reason for this accusation accordingly to them is that he Zumo, “graduated with a degree in neurology in Debrecen, Hungary a communist region that was initially part of the Soviet Union.” In the same campaign of falsehood and character assassination, the two men also lied that Massa and myself had “connection” with the Lofa Defense Force. Please read in parts, the below waste in one of their post of Jan. 14/14:

”James Fasukoi- a native of Zorzor who is specifically from the Yeala region was one of the liaison officers of the Lofa Defense Force who ensured that messages from the LDF high commands in the United States reached François Massaquoi who was Commander in Chief of the LDF and his fighters. James Fasuekoi was later appointed as the Public Relations officer of the Lofa Defense Force.  So, what do we expect of James K. Fasuekoi? To welcome Prof. Kromah and say the truth about the Mandingoes?”  “The message to Fasuekoi and Massa was to ask Mr. Taylor through Jewel to support the Lormas with arms and ammunitions so as to enable them defend Lofa from the Mandingoes fighters of ULIMO. Upon receipt of the message, Charles The Criminal Taylor made an initial contribution of $30,000 United States Dollars and some ammunitions which were delivered to the LDF fighters through Bong County….”

How ungrateful is it that individuals believed to have participated in the mayhem that devastated the people and the country but now blessed to be granted asylums in the United States, would now be the ones abusing FREE SPEECH when their countries of origins would never allowed them such liberty. This is totally beyond my own understanding in that even the Liberian Constitution (a replica of that of the US), clearly states in Article 15 (a) “Every person shall have the right to freedom of expression, being fully responsible for the abuse thereof.” These malicious acts by both Dolleh and Bility are clearly in total violation of the U.S. Constitution which I will get to later but thank God that the US where Dolleh, Bility and others reside is a country of law. But the two didn’t end there. Please read the below quotes from Mr. Dolleh himself as he falsely accused me for [allegedly] having hand in the death of my former fiancée and outstanding photojournalist, Musue N. Haddad who passed away last November 25th after a sudden illness “family sources” attributed to “breast cancer.”

“Faseukoi [Fasuekoi], lest I forget, could you please address you self to the unceremonious death of my friend and former class mate, the late Musu [Musue] Hardad [Haddad]. While I don’t intend to torment the soul of our sister, but, it is disheartening to know that you killed her. We are reliably told that because she had decided to abort the unethical relationship with you and moved on with her husband in Monrovia, you decided to bewitched [bewitch] her. It is an open secret that you went after her to renew the relation in Monrovia and you were dejected [rejected]. Why would you kill a promising journalist? The public deserve [deserves] an explanation.”

When things get out of hand as it is in this case then there is no longer humor and should rather be taken seriously and treated as such. This dreadful act by Mr. Dolleh, in my view goes beyond Defamation of Character. It is plainly nothing less than blackmailing which has the propensity to expose me to public ridicule. This is the type of act that former National Police Inspector James Laysolee would call a typical African wickedness. (Col. Laysolee conceived the term while in jail after he noticed attempts by some higher-ups to “blackmail” him in the murder of patrolman Melvin Pyne). Dolleh’s allegation is clearly embedded in pure hatred against some of us who continue to “stand our ground” on  ULIMO-K war matters. Just months ago, the same Dolleh in his shameless campaign of outright intellectual dishonesty falsely claimed in another OLM post that former war-correspondent Massa Washington is a Guinean from the town of Koryama, about an hour drive north from the Liberia border town of Yeala. The truth is that Massa is actually Gola, one of the country’s original settlers and by no means holds any blood connection to Guinea nor any of the neighboring countries. Gola “country,” which late Bai T. Moore wrote extensively on is located in the heart of Liberia on the Atlantic coast and far from the borders of Guinea.

Now, with this type of “flip-flop” all over the place, Dolleh’s persistent defense of his troops’ ruthless actions particularly in Zorzor District leaves more room for questioning. I am beginning to question the authenticity of Dolleh’s statements made at news conferences in Monrovia during the 90s that his ULIMO-K rebel forces were not killing “civilians” but rather “our aggressors found to be carrying weapons.” The whole issue gets me reflecting an observation made by our prelate, Olushala Jubril recently concerning peoples’ “Refusal to Accept the Truth.” On factors that lead to indignation, he asserted: “Truth attacks our character; we see truth sometimes as judgment, disrespect and then we go in defense.” This is exactly the attitude being exhibited by Dolleh and his associates now that the truth came out as stressed by Massa Washington earlier in her post. As for westerners, including U.S. officials, morality counts and that is why they are quick to admit their “wrongdoings” and ask for forgiveness.

However, in Liberia, most officials prefer not only to stick to deceptions even if they are proven otherwise, but they would find ways to eliminate the truth-teller. This is an in-built behavior among our officials and Dolleh inherited it and added those of his own when he entered the system. Somalia-born Mohamed Duale’s pamphlet Bridging Generations says: “Truth can frighten a man, but it does not harm him.” Lest I forget, Massa and Dr. Zumo reacted sharply to the verbiage put out by Dolleh and Bility.

“You do not even know people and you lie on them. I have absolutely no connection to Lofa County, have never lived there, no connection to Jewel Taylor yet you have posted rubbish linking us. You lied on Dr. Zumo calling him a Communist…This is how your killed innocent people during the war…you need serious therapy to address your anger, paranoid and venom,” wrote Massa. Dr. Zumo reacted this way Jan. 14/14: “I love democracy and will die for it. Communist I am not. I never saw inside Mr. E. Sumo Jones’s house in Maryland in my life. I don’t even know how and when the Lofa Defence Force was formed and has [have] never been part of its organizational or military structure.  Trust me on this one.”

Read my reaction in the next edition.

To be continued: